Why is My Bearded Dragon Hissing at Me?

why is my bearded dragon hissing at me

Known as the species which has various sizes and colors as well as interesting living behaviors, the bearded dragons are the preferred choice as pets for lizard lovers. However, due to their unique characteristics, it is totally normal for the owners, especially the newbies, to be confused with their pets’ reactions. And one of the common questions that puzzle pet owners is “Why is my bearded dragon hissing at me?”

With a burning desire to help, we will give you a hand to answer your question about the hisses of your pet. And after having a look at this article, you not only be able to certain the explanations but also figure out the solutions for each case.


Why Does My Bearded Dragon Hiss At Me?

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1. They Hiss When Being Threatened Or Aggressive

If a waving arm is a way for them to show their submission to you, then hissing is the warning sign to say: “back off” when they notice what could be considered as the possible hazards that make them feel dangerous. Some suggestions below may be the reasons that terrify your pet.

  • The Strange Things Around The Tank

Due to an outstanding vision that gives them the ability to see as good as humans, your beardie would be scared by the sudden appearance of the unidentified things or animals in their dwellings.

For example, the sight of the birds or some wild animals outside the window, your other pets like cats, dogs, and even your old toaster could be the explanation for the hissing.

  • Confront Other Fellows

If you have more than one beardie and put them in the habitat where they could see each other nearby so it could be exactly the reason for the hissing

Well, know as loners so it is understandable for them to show an unwelcome attitude and extremely aggressive toward others such as hissing.

However, it just a waving flag to caution about the violent fight that will happen in an unavoidable way between them unless you separate those beardies into different places.

  • Their Own Reflections

In the case when your beardie is just hissing inside the tank without any potential threats,  maybe it has seen its reflection.

When seeing the reflections of themselves, their defensive mode will be turned on to warn off the interloper but it is impossible for the reflection to go away, they will keep staying in a state of extreme alertness that makes them tired and stressed.

This video may help you to calm your aggressive beardie:

2. They Hiss Out Of Feeling Vulnerable, Afraid, And Anxious.

Lizards are reptiles that are sensitive to the environment. So it is normal for the beardies’ emotions to be affected by the unusual occurrences that make them hissing out of fear, distressed and unprotected.

  • Scared By The Unexpected Moves

When they see something “wrong” in their familiar proximities, it could cause the stress that changes their status quickly and makes them act out of nervousness.

The bright lights, the sudden movement around the tank, or the different positions of the tank itself, would be more than enough to lead to the disturbance and the significant changes in your pet’s mood.

In this case, hissing may not only because of the threatened they feel but also mean that they are unpleased.

  • Feeling Unsafe In Their Own Home

The feeling of being safe is extremely important for your beardies so plants and hides in their tanks should be necessary.

It does not only gives them a place to cover themselves but also makes them feel the connection with nature.

However, not all the tanks are equipped with a suitable substrate, some just have a small water bowl with fake plastic below and do not have any hides at all.

3. Hissing Is The Sign Showing Hungry

When the amount of food that they require to maintain life can not be achieved, just like any other animal (involving human beings), it is normal for them to act up when starving.

Being in a malnourished state, having serious dehydration or an unsuitable nutrition diet may cause them to be tired, having hunger pains, and feeling unhappy.

In this case, hissing could be the way they used to communicate with you to give a request to have adequate nourishment and ask for more food and water or some edible materials which have higher quality than what they have earned currently.

After finding out the answers to your curiosity about “Why is my bearded dragon hissing at me?”, we have some advice for you to resolve the master problem.

How To Stop My Bearded Dragon From Hissing At Me?

why does my bearded dragon keep hissing at me

1. Build A New Tank

It is important for the beardies to feel safe in their own nest, the more their tank resembles their natural habitats, the better their developments of healthy, mentality, and emotions are.

  • Find Suitable Substance

If the tank you choose for your pet has or(is) made by glass, strengthened mirror, transparent plastic, or any material that could be seen through clearly or reflect its own images, you should consider having a new one which is more appropriate.

The paper towel, sand or recycle old papers are easy options for an owner who doesn’t have enough money to invest in the tanks but all of those things may have drawbacks affecting your pet.

If you could put more effort into your tank, you should look for something like artificial carpetceramic tiles, and shelf liner, which are not hard to get but also could be cleaned up easily.

  • Having More Hides and Plants

Getting some hides, plants, logs, and branches could improve the environment in the nest and provide the place for your beardie to create the “escape plan” when feeling unsafe.

By the way, the plants not only use cover the sight outside the tank. It helps your pet from dealing with the anxiety when seeing the possible threats that could be seen in the world around the cage but also hide its reflection.

You could find some hidesplantsbasking rocks for your beardie at Amazon.

  • Upgrade their living habitat

Temperature and humidity also could impact the frame of mind, making them comfortable or not.

You should have prepared the reptile- specific spectrum UV lighting and a heat lamp to make sure that the lights and the warmth are enough for your pet.

Moreover, the thermometer is an important tool for you to check the heat in a tank, and the humidifier that keeps the atmosphere moist in a tank should be considered.

This video will give you some ideas to decorate the tank for your beardie:

If the tank you made is perfect and provides everything that your pet need but your question about “how to stop my bearded dragon from hissing at me” hasn’t been answered. You should think about the food they are taking.

Read more: https://www.thepettime.com/best-tank-for-bearded-dragon/

2. Take Care Of Nutritional Requirements:

The menu for you bearded not only includes insects such as crickets, mealworms, and locusts but also has fruit and vegetables like melon, apples, grapes, carrot, and sweet potato so it is not difficult to choose the food for them but you need to balance between green food and meat in their meals.

Being nourished with many selections of food for each day may helping them to meet all the needs for strength and happiness.

It also avoids being malnutrition and feeling bored.

  • Vitamins

To make sure that your beardie has been provided with all of the food requirements to certain their health, you should find out the vitamin supplement and specialized calcium supplement for your pet.


Commonly Asked Questions About Why Your Bearded Dragon Hiss At You?

how to stop my bearded dragon from hissing at me

1. After I Try Everything, Why Does My Beardie Keep Hissing At Me?

Maybe it considers you a threat. In this case, you should show that you are not going to harm it. And you shouldn’t be frightened by its terrifying acts.

2. Why Does My Beardie Hiss At Me While We Are Playing Together?

The reason could be that your pet needs more privacy.

It is important to have enough space and time for your pet to relax and be alone. If you spend too much time that impacts its “alone time”,  your beardie may feel bored or encroached.

3. How To Stop My Beardie From Hissing At Me When I Try To Grab It?

Your pet may hiss at you because you approach it in the wrong way like grabbing it from above.

If you access it in that way, it would think you are a predator and will hiss to warn you off.

Or maybe your grab makes it hurt.

Read more:

4. How To Be a Friend With My Beardie To Stop This From Hissing At Me?

You have to be slow and patient.

Don’t flinch when it hisses at you, it would help to make it understand you’re scary.

When it shows aggression by open its mouth, put food in it.

Try to hold it in your hand every day and put it back when it begins to hiss.

5. Why Is My Baby Beardie Hissing At Me?

Because it takes time for your pet to be familiar and stop being afraid of you.

You need to calm it down and make friends with it slowly.

All you need is to spend time on it so it will get used to you.


In the end, we hope you have already had the explanations for every time you wonder “Why is my bearded dragon hissing at me?” and also figure out the solution for your problem. Wish you and your lovely beardie will have a close-knit relationship forever.

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