Reasons Why Your Bearded Dragon Turned White And Died

Bearded Dragon Turned White And Died

Lizards turn white sometimes, which is normal for some reasons. But what if one day you wake up and see your bearded dragon turned white and died suddenly?

How do you say if your buddy is facing some unfortunate illness or doing well?

In this article, we will discuss further this topic.

You will understand why the reptile turns weird colors, what it means, and how to respond to that symptom.


A Common Reason Why Your Bearded Dragon Is Turning White?

Bearded Dragon Beautiful

Bearded dragons express changings in emotions, wellbeing and feelings through different behaviors.

Certain of those habits include changes in body color, black beard, arm waves, bobbing heads, etc.

A dragon can make his body or some parts, even his tail, head, mouth, and nose turning white for some reason.

However, they are not always bad signs.

1. He Is Preparing To Shed

The most common cause the beardies become white is due to shedding.

Shedding is a natural phase, and it happens most frequently in baby dragons when they grow immensely. As the beardies become older, they shed less, normally only several times a year.

So, the top skin will turn blue or white, as can happen in patches on the skin of the dragon.

You do not have to worry about that since this process can take between two or three weeks to complete.

Ensure that the moisture in the box is 30 to 40% and mist him once a day to allow the shedding process quicker and easier.

In case of remaining old skin, bathe the pet in warm water to smooth the skin, but do not help to remove it.

Bearded Dragon Turning White And Not Eating

2. Unstable temperature

When a beardie gets cold, it gets darker. On the other hand, as it gets hotter, he absorbs less heat and can turn white.

The beardies must-have warmth to digest and live, the temperature range depends on their age.

Therefore, you need to check the temperature both in the tank and basking spots frequently, so he can grow healthily.

For the babies, the basking spot must be around 110oF, for adults is about 100 – 105oF.

Watch this video for lighting and heating guide: LIGHTING AND HEAT GUIDE

3. He Is Sleeping

While sleeping, he will turn white, and this is very common. Research reveals that the lightest hue is caused by the circadian cycle of them.

So it is not necessarily a huge worry for bearded dragons to turn white at night.

But occasionally, when he does not get back to a normal tone after waking up, it can reveal something strange. For that matter, you should get advice from reptile experts or a vet.

Bearded dragons’ tone tend to become lighter when they are sleeping

What Causes My Bearded Dragon Turning White And Not Eating?

Bearded Dragon White Head

 (Credit. Reptile.Guide)

Although as mentioned above, turning white is not a big problem for reptiles.

However, when it comes to refusing to eat and he looks so slow, this is a bad indication that your animal may die.

A dying bearded is also noticeable when looking at his body, which looks dark but the tail, arms, and face are pale.

A dragon may hit a stage when he is old, nasty, or parasite.

Make sure that you check the impaction for a sudden change of color and usual behavior.

Impaction may be caused by his ingestion of insect feeds, large items, or indigestible chitin.

I did not know about this impaction until my bearded dragon turned white and died, it was the first lesson of keeping lizard to me.

We recommend taking full blood tests to understand what is going wrong with your lizard:

1. Internal organ issues:

Bearded Dragon White Tail

Most common issues happen in the kidneys or liver.

Take the pet to the vet to have a full blood test.

It will show all the enzyme levels that indicate if he has any issues or not.

The amounts of uric acid, urea nitrogen levels, and muscle wastes can all show in kidney function.

In the case of high levels, it can cause some serious illnesses like gout, dehydration, or liver damage.

2. Metabolic bone disease:

malnourished beardie

The lack of calcium also leads to suffering from metabolic bone disease. (Try the Zoo Med Calcium with Vitamin D3 as a complimentary supplement).

Signs That Show Your Beardy Is Dying

Bearded Dragon White

Except turning white and acting strangely, there are some additional symptoms of a dying lizard you should pay attention for:

Especially, bad heating lethargy is a serious concern to look into.

A healthy dragon has bright eyes.

But their eyes can look gray or blurry during shedding and that is not a matter.

However, something is wrong with the health of your pet if this symptom lasts longer than the shedding period.

  • Soft, smelly, and watery poop:

This happens when your pet is dealing with internal parasites or digestion illness.

  • Swollen tail:

Maybe the arm or tail is broken.

  • Loss of appetite, refuse to eat:

This can be due to several reasons. Stress and wrong size cages can also lead to appetite loss.

  • Air gasping:

This is one symptom of metabolic bone disease.

Your lizard would also have a slack jaw if he leaves his mouth continuously open and has trouble with food.


If your pet has any of those symptoms, bring them to the nearest vet to have emergency aid.

Or you can try to save him at home if you are an expert: How We Saved this Dying Dragon – YouTube

Bearded Dragon Turned White And Died: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Does My Beardy Turn Black?

Beardie Life

Besides glass surfing, you should take care of him especially whether your pet darkens in color.

That is the most noticeable on his beard. If your dragon has a black beard, a change, even if it was assumed to be a positive change, maybe cause stress.

2. How About The White Tongue?

Why Is My Bearded Dragon’s Mouth Open

Source: Common Causes of Death

If the beardie has the white tip of the tongue, it is normal.

Not only are these portions of his tongue lighter, but he also has a goose skin and convenient physical modification that makes it simpler and easier for him to take away preys.

3. Why Is The Bearded Dragon’s Poop White?

For beardies, the most common color of bowel movement is poop in brown and white.

Brown long shaped with the white part on the end is normal.

White is the urate or the pee, since they do not pee, so urates come out instead.

However, if your bearded dragon gets runny white poop, he may have some issues with his digestive system.

4. What Are The Signs If My Beardies Has A Parasite?

Bearded Dragon Turning White

Source: Unfortunate but Signs of death

Typically, there are no clinical signs of a parasite inside your pet.

It can only be detected by taking a fecal test.

The parasite can in some cases lead to diarrhea or loss of weight.

Pinworms are common parasites in the gastrointestinal tracts of your dragon.

5. What Can I Do If My Beardy Does Not Want To Eat?

Bearded Dragon Stuck Shed

Take the triple checks to make sure the pet has a stable appropriate temperature and has what they need to survive.

You can keep the tank lights on for at least two hours after the last meal to assist with digestion.

Even in the morning, some picky dragons will not touch the food if they do not get enough heat and light.


It is most possibly shedding if your bearded dragon suddenly looks white. Even when only one body part, for example, head, arms, nose, mouth, etc. gone white, maybe it is shedding too.

Let your pet shed for a week or two, however, keep checking its condition consistently.

However, before your bearded dragon turned white and died, he properly looked sick, refused to eat and was lethargic. You should take him to the vet to see if something is wrong before too late. Moreover, check the temperatures and living conditions in the tank carefully. Because if they are not appropriated, your dragon can also become pale.

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