Can Bearded Dragons Get High?

Can Bearded Dragons Get High

Have you ever thought about the question, “Can bearded dragons get high?. Sometimes, I did not know it, but not everyone can help me figure it out. Thus, I research by myself. Hopefully, my knowledge and experience will be valid for someone with the same wonder as me.

Let’s dive into it!



Firstly, we should find out the endocannabinoid system.

Beardies are the same as humans, and they have a system inside the body called the ECS system, which is the biological system.

It is composed of the cannabinoid receptor protein and endocannabinoid.

If you stimulate this system, the pain will be released and reduce inflammation.

Can You Get Bearded Dragons High

What Happens If You Get a Bearded Dragon High?

Someone loves the feeling when they get high from smoking cannabis. However, I am sure that it is not for bearded dragons or any animals.

If their ECS system is stimulated, the beardie will become very disoriented, and they will begin to slow down until they can not move, and also they can get some vomiting.

It is not a comfortable experience for your lovely pet, or some beardie gets hectic and moves uncontrollably; if you want to see how they act, take a look at this video.

Can bearded dragons get high from weed? Of course, you can get them high with weed.

However, there are no medicinal advantages for reptiles from cannabis or weed.

Even cannabis can cause some severe poisoning for the beardie, resulting in intermittent vomiting and uncontrollable and even death in some severe cases.

If you do it for your entertainment, you should think again one more time to see if you deserve to have a pet or not.

Besides, it is some kind of animal abuse, many times it might kill your pet stupidly.

However, if you are looking for some excellent and perfect medicinal benefits or advice, you should take serious time to get professional advice and consult a veterinarian.

Why Does My Pet Get Sick?

Beautiful Bearded Dragon

However, I can show you several reasons for the illness of bearded dragons.

I am sure that you will find it suitable.

Firstly, I must say that illnesses are popular for the pet, and it is all because of our neglect or lacking knowledge.

Your beardie can get ill from stress, being improperly fed, or kept in harmful conditions.

If you expect to get the best life for them, then you should do some research and, importantly, give your pet more attention.

Commonly, stress and improperly fed are two of the most problems for beardies.

Your pet can get stressed easily and quickly, especially when moving to a new place.

The stress also starts from the bad conditions such as the unsuitable temperature, the cleaning level, case conditions, lighting setup, suitable hiding spots, and the proper diet.

If you do not take care of these conditions, your pet will become sick soon.

Stress will result in many health problems such as metabolic bone disease, infectious stomatitis, respiratory infection, and adenovirus.

Can I smoke around my beardie?

What Happens If You Get a Bearded Dragon High

Many beardie owners smoke, but they do not think about how it affects their animals.

We all know that Cigarette smoke is harmful to our lives, but it is also bad for dragons because their size is small, and their lungs are also tiny.

If you have a dragon, you should always smoke far away from them.

Not only smoke but also you should wash your hands carefully after smoke.

Without washing properly, the nicotine and other chemicals might remain in your hand and be transferred to your pet.

Not only the odor but also the skin contact with nicotine is not pleasing.

Signs of Illness and How to Avoid a Bearded dragon’s illness?

Bearded Dragon Weird

You can present all these issues by catching the sign early and solving it by the correct method.

Making bearded dragons get high is not the right thing to do.

There are three main signs for you to realize if your pet gets ill:

  • Do not eat properly
  • Not pooping
  • Dark skin coloration

The two first things can be recognized easily.

If they don’t eat, it might be because of their incorrect diet.

Thus, you can try to split the protein and vegetable into a ratio of 70%-30%.

  • 70% protein (mealworms or crickets: these are safe and nice food for beardies with rich protein content)
  • 30% vegetables (cucumber, lettuce, tomato, carrot: these vegetables provides a lot of needed vitamins and minerals for your pet’s development)

Beautiful Beardies

Finally, the third sign, skin color- might be started from the temperature inside the enclosure.

This sign is also one of the main signs that your pet is coming to the brumation period.

It happens through the cold months, and your pet will slow down this time.

You should consider this factor to stop your beardies from getting into the brumation stage too soon. They will stop eating at this stage.

That is also why they are healthy if they have to face this stage only one time/ year.

The bad living conditions

Can Bearded Dragons Get High Off Weed

They always need to have the optimal living conditions to stay healthy.

The enclosure temp should be from 88 to 1000 degrees R.

While the cooler end should be from 70-75 degrees F.

The level can be controlled through an excellent thermometer.

Besides, you should remember to remove all the excrement as soon as possible because leaving the excrement in the cage for a long time will result in infections and illnesses, which would be very harmful to the small reptiles.

You should remove and replace the substrate at least once a week.

It will support your pet to reduce stress and reduce the chance of disease or infection.

Mostly, you should offer them a suitable hiding spot.

They want to hide from the humans sometimes.

It will make them feel natural inside the enclosure.

However, you should monitor well because the temp can get too hot sometimes.

Although a beardie can deal with the high temp, over a long time, it can drain their energy and cause them to take shelter for a while.

Bearded Dragon Care

Can Bearded Dragons Get High From Weed

If you do not know how to take care of your beardies, this section will be useful.

Firstly, because of your pet’s growth, you should provide them with pleasant conditions.

1. Enclosure

Choosing the large and well-ventilated enclosure from 20 to 40 gallons of glass with the screen on top will be very lovely for beardie’s development.

  • Substrate:

The bottom should be covered with clean and safe material. Your pet will eat bedding made of small particles.

Thus, don’t use sand, wood chips, or gravel.

You should choose some types such as newspapers, paper towels or the carpet for pets.

You should keep the freshwater bowl to drink and change the water every day. Your pet will love the shallow soak every week with warm water and mist.

  • Light:

beardie sleep

The ultraviolet light is required for 12 to 14 hours every day in the summer and 8 hours in winter.

UV can not go through the plastic and glass, so don’t use any cover between the bulb and your pet.

UV light should be changed every six months.

Most UVB lights do not produce much heat, so the heat lamp is needed for basking.

The light should not be used at night because your pet needs to sleep in darkness.

Besides, nighttime heat should be provided with the ceramic heat emitter or under tank mats.

  • Temp:

You should maintain the daytime temp between 75-85 degrees F.

The basking spot should be at around 88-100 degrees F.

In the night, and you should keep around 70-75 degrees F, it should be controlled by the thermometers mounted at both cool and hot enclosures’ end.

  • Humidity:

From 20 to 40 % is suggested humidity, the hygrometer can help you control it well.

  • Furniture:

basking rock for beardie

Beardies need to climb on the rocks and low branches in the wild.

Thus, you should provide them the branches for climbing, rocks for basking upon, and the shelter for hiding in. Rock should be put under the heat lamp and the pool area too.

The plants such as aloe, palms, cycads are needed to use.

  • Maintenance:

You should check the enclosure daily, remove and replace the soiled or the wet portions of substrate for preventing the growth of bacterial and fungal.

Besides, you should change the substrate and disinfect the cage with the soap or bleach solution regularly and rinse thoroughly.

Especially, don’t forget to wash your hands after and before cleaning.

2. Handling

Can Bearded Dragons Get Second Hand High

If you have children at home, you should supervise children when they are interacting with pets.

Give them time to handle for a short amount of time. Don’t handle the beardie by the tail, and it can break off.

You should pick them up with all 4 feet supported.

3. Safety tips:

You should remember that pets might bite and can transmit diseases to us.

The pet is a potential carrier of infections.

Hence, you should wash your hands before and after handing and cleaning the habitat to prevent diseases’ potential spread.

Bearded dragons get high is not the way to make them relax or your entertainment.

Thus, please avoid even smoking near their enclosure.

Beardie Hibernating

4. Foods

Suggested foodsOccasional treats

Acorn squash

Dandelion greens or flowersBell peppersApricotsPears
Grapes leavesGreen beansBerriesGeranium flowers
TurnipSweet potatoGrapes fruitsPetunias
Green or red leaf lettuceCucumberOrangesRose

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Frequently Asked Question

Can My Bearded Dragon Get High

1. Can bearded dragons be up high?

Beardie loves to climb and bask up high, hence, sturdy branches, logs, and rocks are necessary to keep your pet happy and enjoyable.

However, for safety, you should make sure that the climbing place is safe and your pet will not fall and hurt.

2. Do my bearded dragons like hugging?

They would love to be cuddled and handled. However, beardies will have unique personalities.

Your pet will have different acts compared to others.

3. Can my bearded dragons learn its name?

beardie mouth


They can learn to respond to their name whether they associate it with something such as food.

If you want them to remember their name, you should use the same tone of voice and repetition.

4. Do bearded dragons bite?

Yes, they bite. However, it happens rarely.

There are many bearded dragon owners who have never got bitten at all.

5. Can I kiss my bearded dragons?

They are not poisonous to us, you can kiss them. A bite will not cause temporary swelling but biting does not happen a lot.

6. Is it good to wake up a bearded dragon?

Red Bearded Dragon

Source: reddit

If your pet gets hard to wake up and spends time slipping.

We need to wake them up for several reasons such as cleaning the cage.

7. Do my bearded dragon like bathing?

Giving a bath with your pet is one of the funniest and excellent activities. Most of them love the warm bath often.

Giving your pet consistent baths is important for proper hygiene.


Please, don’t try to get your bearded dragon high. If anyone asks you, “Can bearded dragons get high?” remember the answer! I hope that my suggestion will be nice to you. If you feel your pet is not healthy, see a veterinarian!

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