How Do Bearded Dragons Sleep?

How Do Bearded Dragons Sleep

Bearded Dragon called BD, Beardies,.. comes from deserts in Australia. Unlike other nocturnal reptiles, Bearded Dragons are diurnal animals that are active during the day and sleep at night. Some of them have a lot of behaviors which is so cute that you will burst out laughing once you see them. If you have a Bearded Dragon, you easily understand “how do bearded dragons sleep?” and their strange sleeping habits below.


How much time should a Bearded Dragon spend sleeping per day?

Typically bearded dragon wakes up as the sun is up and goes to sleep as it becomes darker. A bearded dragon usually sleeps around 8 to 12 hours per day and it depends on the temperature or the seasons.

The higher the temperature, the more time they spend sleeping. They usually sleep around 12 hours in winter and 14 hours for an extremely hot summer.

That means bearded dragon sleeping a lot in summer. If your beardies can sleep in the right schedule for a long time, which help their health better in the future.

It’s no reason for any light when the bearded dragon is supposed to sleep. Only if flashlight or the light of your mobile phone also can disrupt their sleep.

Remember to switch all the lights off is the best way to help them experience a long sleep as easily as possible you can do before you are about to sleep.

Why must a bearded dragon spend more time to sleep?

Just like a baby, a baby bearded dragon must sleep the same amount of time as an adult bearded dragon does, which helps him maintain good health, grow at the most rapid rate and reduce stress.

You have to take him to get used to sleeping in a day-night circle of the sun rising or setting. Make sure that he will go to sleep as well as wake up at the same time each day.

The baby bearded dragon will grow up to full of length in the first 12 months. It estimates 16 inches to 22 inches, bearded dragon reaches their maximum length in a short time. So in this stage of their life, bearded dragons must adhere to a strict bedtime routine to get good condition to grow.

How Do Bearded Dragons Sleep

Do bearded dragon dream in deep sleep?

According to the newest report, the reptile may dream and have a deep sleep with a rapid eye movement and slow-wave stage, just like humans. Until now, only birds and mammals such as humans may have this behavior.

When a person who is falling sleep rapidly moves his eyes, their heart rate rises and the muscle is out of control. Finally, their dream is coming soon.

What is the bearded dragon’s dream? If someone asks me something like that, I just a response to them a friendly smile and “I don’t know”.

Do Bearded Dragons sleep with their eye closed or open?

Some people try the best to observe a bearded dragon when he sleeps, then they come to the conclusion most of the bearded dragons sleep with their eyes closed just like humans.  Is it right for all time?

According to the newest reports, most of the bearded dragon sleep with closed eyes, however, if there is any light, they will open their eyes. Should you do best is that turn the light off completely including red light to avoid disturbing their sleep.

Many bearded dragons close their eyes in various situations. For instance, when you hold it on your arm too long, the first thing they do is that close their eyes to protect themselves. On the contrary, these behaviors indicate that they are not comfortable.

3 Strange sleeping habits of Beared Dragon

#1 Covered in the warm sand to sleep like with a blanket

If you see a bearded dragon has covered themselves with sand, don’t be surprised. There is adherently abnormal for this habit, just like you with a blanket at night. Once they lie under the sand to regulate their body temperature and block the direct sunshine.

Besides, there is one other reason for digging in the sand of the bearded dragon. Maybe you just got a new bd, they have not adopted a new environment, and they have to learn how to get used to some new friends. They are intended to dig a hole to hide from other dominant bearded dragons.

#2 The strange sleeping posture

Many bearded dragons usually lie on their stomach just like any animals; however, there are other postures they may use daily.

In the wild, a bearded dragon is slightly arboreal so they have an awkward sleeping posture- vertical sleeping position. It’s not too seldom to see a bd falling asleep with their fingers against the glass on the vertical position or bearded dragon sleeping upright on the tree.

#3 The bearded dragon sleeping all-day

Like any reptiles, the bearded dragon also prepares for winter’s sleep. When winter comes, bearded dragons will be likely to start a brumation, a natural process. They also have several symptoms such eat less, find a safe corner to hide, or stop basking,…

The temperature of the tank is too low, it’s won’t be able to digest their food, maintain their good health. They tend to sleep a lot or all day instead of activating such as basking, eating,…

Otherwise, “my bearded dragon just sleeps all day due to the wrong light setup”- Some ower said. Factly, the UVB light plays an important role in their absorption.

A suitable UVB light mode to help bearded dragons to absorb vitamin D3 and calcium, but don’t use UVB light when they are falling asleep, which disturbs their sleep. If the temperature drops very low, you can use a heat controller.


Though the bearded dragon sleep schedule is likely to those of humans, several behaviors are so strange. This makes a difference between bearded dragons and other animals.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced owner with may bearded dragons, let’s learn to know how to take care, detect their symptoms as earliest as possible. Make sure they get at least 8 to 12 hours per day for a bearded dragon sleep schedule.

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