Best Basking Rock For Bearded Dragon in 2020: What Is The Best Choice?

Best Basking rock and Platforms for bearded dragon

In the wild, it is common for beardie to bask on rocks, posts, broken trees, branches, logs, or on any other surface that will give them opportunities to catch the sun’s warmth as well as UV light. Therefore, choosing the right basking rock for bearded dragon should be considered carefully.

In this article, we would like to give you some of the best bearded dragon platforms, including, climbing branches and logs, and reptile hammocks.

Note that maybe you want to trim your pet’s nail due to the rough surface of some kinds of platform.

The 4 Top-Rated Best Bearded Dragon Basking Rock Review (Recommendations)

#1 BEST WOODFluker’s Driftwood
#2 BEST ROCKMagNaturals Rock Ledge
#3 BEST LOUNGERPenn Plax Lizard Lounger
#4 BEST LOOKZoo Med Cork Bark Round for Terrariums
#5 UNIQUENESSExo Terra Primate Skull Terrarium D


Guide for Bearded Dragon Basking Platform

1. Desert Themes

Desert Themed 

The first time I saw this tank, I was completely surprised and excited by this beardie cage setup as it exploits main features to mimic the feeling of the natural habitat as well as combines and decorates smart accessories, which gives the dragon great comfort.

Also, a lot of different natural textures ranging from shrubbery, wood to dried excavator clay mounds allow the beardie to enjoy as they are in any grassland and semi-desert region.

You can be freely creative but ensure that you only incorporate plants and woods that are harmless for your beardie.

2. Jungle Themes

Jungle Themed

Unlike desert themes, jungle themes bring a fresh atmosphere to your dragon as you can find the easy-to-clean dark green reptile carpet, the lush foliage and rock staircase, which provides a comfortable environment closing to nature for your beardie.

These faux leaf vines are not sturdy enough for your dragon to climb but they are a fun jungle element to an otherwise pretty plain cage setup.

AT A GLANCE: Our Picks For Bearded Dragon Basking Platform

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Fluker’s Driftwood4.0Check
MagNaturals Rock Ledge4.3Check
Penn Plax Lizard Lounger4.4Check
Zoo Med Cork Bark Round for Terrariums4.0Check
Exo Terra Primate Skull Terrarium D4.5Check
Zoo Med Aquatic Natural Mopani Wood4.2Check
Zilla Reptile Shale Rock Den4.1Check
Exo Terra Reptile Den4.5Check

The Best Basking Platform For Bearded Dragon

best bearded dragon basking platform

#1. Fluker’s DriftwoodBEST WOOD

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bearded dragon basking rock too hot

You will find the Fluker’s Driftwood so flexible as it can be used for your dragons to climb but it works as the bearded dragon basking platform as well.

You will be also excited by its appealing appearance so it would be an excellent decoration for your beardie terrarium. Also, a baby dragon, juvenile, or a small beardie may love it as a sheltering or hiding place.

This driftwood is completely safe as it is well heat-treated. And it is designed in various sizes, which allows you to buy what will match your pet’s size.

#2. MagNaturals Rock LedgeBEST ROCK

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bearded dragon basking rock temperature

It is undeniable that most reptile owners always try to prepare their pet’s habitat that replicating their natural surroundings as closely as possible.

And a high-quality basking rock for bearded dragon is one of the ultimate must-have for habitat.

MagNaturals Rock Ledge is a basking rock option that gives abundant space for adult beardie to bake like a cookie under their enclosure’s synthetic sunlight.

Especially, adult beardies can freely have a lot of options for their vertical basking position due to the magnetic and super sturdy ledge.

#3. Penn Plax Lizard LoungerBEST LOUNGER

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tall basking rock bearded dragon

Maybe you guys will realize that this lounger by Penn Plax is more of a hammock rather than a basking rock but don’t underestimate this product because it can serve various purposes at a lower price.

This seagrass lounger’s shape is a triangle with two sides at 10″ inches and one side at 12″ inches, which makes it large enough to fit an entire beardie’s body with the tail curving around or hanging off. Aso, you can easily attach suction cups to most tank walls.

Its natural, handwoven materials make this hammock very popular with beardie owners as it is perfectly safe for your beardie to use and allows your dragon to freely climb, hide, and so on.

Besides, unlike a rock, it won’t absorb heat and keep your pet warm.

#4. Zoo Med Cork Bark Round for TerrariumsBEST LOOK

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bearded dragon basking rock large

In wild, most beardie loves digging and have an aptitude for tunneling.

However, when beardie is in captivity, digging through their substrate can lead to worries: the potential risk to their health and damage to the enclosure.

Why don’t we think of creating the illusion of tunneling by providing them a literal tunnel to explore.

ZooMed’s Natural Cork Bark (Round, Extra Large) may be an option as it is 100% natural and contains ample space for large adult beardies.

However, you should be careful when purchasing: the form factor will not align 100% with the dimensions stated in the product.

#5. Exo Terra Primate Skull Terrarium DUNIQUENESS

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basking rock for a bearded dragon

You will be impressed by this piece of artwork as Exo Terra’s Primate Skull Hideaway is wonderfully-spooky and quite affordable.

The skull is technically designed to provide a secure hiding place for reptiles and will be a special and aesthetic addition to the habitat of your dragon without taking up too much space.

#6. Zoo Med Aquatic Natural Mopani Wood

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bearded dragon basking area too hot

Zoo Med Aquatic Natural Mopani Wood is also a great option to support an environment that allows beardie to enjoy roaming, sunbathing, and feel like home in wild.

ZooMed’s Reptile Mopani Wood is affordable and more than sufficient for providing your beardie the vantage points they so desire in their enclosure.

#7. Zilla Reptile Shale Rock Den

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custom basking platform for bearded dragon

If you would like to have a place working as a basking area and a safe place for your beardie to hide, you should consider this Zilla Reptile shale rock den as its price is just medium.

This means if your dragon doesn’t want to rest in an exposed spot, he can absorb enough heat in the shelter. Also, its non-porous exterior design is well treated to be against bacteria growth and you will find it easy to clean.

Especially,  its natural design makes it match well with the style of most other beardie furniture products.

#8. Exo Terra Reptile Den

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diy basking platform for bearded dragon

If you are finding one thing that can provide a cozy and large enough space to fit your beardie, the Exo Terra Reptile Cave (Extra Large) will be the perfect size for adult beardie.

This product is high in quality, lifelong, and the price is affordable.

How to Choose The Best Platforms and Basking Rock for Bearded Dragon

Basking rock and Platforms for bearded dragon

In order to get the best bearded dragon basking rock or platform, they are some key considerations that you should take into account. In this section, we would like to give you some pieces of advice for the ideal basking items:

Firstly,  it is quite important to choose the basking rock that fits your pet well and allows it to comfortably and freely stretch. You will not definitely want to take the one too big or too small.

Secondly, you should wonder whether your dragon feels comfortable to move closer or further away from the heat bulb whenever they feel like without touching the bulb or any hot fixture/surface.

You should make sure that its material is safe, durable, and has the ability to withstand the lamp heat.

You will prefer the beardie basking rock or platform that is easy to clean and affordable.

Possessing the best basking platforms for your pet should be recommended. Now, we would like to give you some of the best brands to look at. Note that some may serve as climbing places or hideout (caves).

Commonly Asked Question About Bearded Dragon Basking Rock

basking rock for bearded dragon

1. Can Use Rocks for Beardie?

Of course, large, flat rocks can also work well as a basking area for your beardie.

You can find rocks at many pet shops, garden stores, or home improvement stores but you should be careful because large heavy rocks can easily crack tank bottoms.

2. Do Beardies Like Hammocks?

A Beardie Hammock would be a great addition to the enclosure for your beardie.

If you want a greater habitat, the hammock must be included.

3. How Hot Should Bearded Dragons Basking Spot Be?

The proper temperature for the basking area should be between 90 to 93 degrees for an adult beardie while it had better be kept at 80 to 90 degrees F for babies and juveniles.

4. Is Grout Safe for Beardie?

Grout will give a finer finish, comparing to cement while the grainier finish of cement is more attractive in the right design.

Therefore, just consider a grout suitable for large gaps when creating background walls for beardie houses.

5. Why Does Bearded Dragon Climb The Glass?

The reason for glass surfing maybe that beardie is stressed. This can be caused by new decorations or rearrangement of the vivarium or feeling threatened by its reflection in the glass.

Also, a beardie may suffer from boredom or hunger.

6. What Kind of Wood is Safe for Beardie?

bearded dragons basking spot

Here, we would like to list some kinds of wood that are safe:

  • Dogwood.
  • Oak.
  • Tulip Tree.
  • Maple.
  • Crepe Myrtle.

7. Is Driftwood Safe for Beardie?

Sandblasted pieces of driftwood will be a great option as they are useful in the basking area for beardie to soak up some rays.

To avoid accidents, you should choose the sturdy driftwood and anchored it to support your pet.

8. How Do Make Logs Safe for Reptiles?

You should have branches or logs baked in an oven set at 250 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 to 60 minutes.

Also, you should use boiling water at about 212 degrees Fahrenheit to boil wood for six hours or more to ensure it is free of microorganisms.

9. How do You Keep Driftwood From Rotting?

The first step is to mix 1 part bleach to 9 parts cold water in a shallow pan. Next, have the driftwood soaked for a half-hour, which allows the bleach to penetrate all the wood.

Finally, you just need to rinse it off with clear water and add an insecticide to the wood.

10. How Do You Preserve Driftwood Naturally?

You can take some steps to preserve driftwood naturally:

  • Choose driftwood pieces following your favorite look.
  • Accumulate as much wood as you can.
  • Have the driftwood carved before soaking it in the bleach solution. Otherwise, it would be two-toned.
  • Alter the water solution every day and remember to soak the driftwood inside.
  • It takes the wood at least 1 week to dry.

11. How to Clean Beardie Wood?

The process begins with finding a barrel, bin, or tub which is large enough to contain your branch. Next, you have the tub filled with the appropriate volume of water you are using.

Bleach should be added following the ratio of 1/3 – 1/2 Cups of bleach for every gallon of water. Finally, the step of soaking will take 24 hours.


After having a look at what we have mentioned, you will have a profound understanding of how to choose a basking platform for bearded dragon properly. There are many choices ranging from basking surface to a tunnel and so on that, you can consider, and as we have stated that this concept remains true for all types of living things.

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