70+ Questions About Bearded Dragons For Beginners

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In this topic today, we would like to give you a full collection of 70+ Questions About Bearded Dragons for beginners as well as answers for this. And now, let’s kick in!




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1. Can bearded dragon eat avocado?

No, avocados should never be feed to a bearded dragon. They have a high amount of oxalic acid which can be fatal to a bearded dragon in very high doses. You should avoid feeding avocados to your bearded dragon and choose leafy greens as a good substitute.

2. Can bearded dragon eat eggs?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat eggs, namely scramble eggs. Eggs are not used as a regular food source, but they can be given once or twice a week. Make sure you don’t mix any milk in with it because bearded dragons can’t digest dairy products.

3. Can bearded dragon eat kiwi?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat kiwis. A fresh kiwi is a great source of Vitamin C. If your bearded dragons have no issue eating cactus pear, they will be okay with a kiwi. It is recommended to feed your bearded dragons kiwi only twice a month.

4. Can bearded dragon eat mango?

Bearded dragons can eat mangoes, but you should only feed them a mango occasionally. Make sure the pieces are small enough and ripe enough (so that they are soft). It’s recommended to avoid letting them eat mango skin.

5. Can bearded dragon eat apples?

Bearded dragons love eating fruits, and apples are not excepted. You just need to peel and cut the apple into the right sizes for your bearded dragon to eat.

6. Can bearded dragon eat bananas?

Like apples, bearded dragons also love bananas. However, you are recommended to feed them a banana rarely or your dragon can get sick.

7. Can bearded dragon eat bell pepper?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat bell peppers as long as the bell pepper is cored and chopped into small cubes. Remember to remove the seeds too. 

8. Can bearded dragon eat blackberry?

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Yes, blackberries are a good occasional treat on top of a salad. They are pretty soft and easy to chew for bearded dragons.

9. Can bearded dragon eat blueberry?

Blueberries can be eaten by bearded dragons as long as you give your dragon fresh and carefully washed blueberries as ones that are unwashed or frozen consist of preservatives or pesticides that can dangerous to your dragon.

10. Can bearded dragon eat broccoli?

Bearded dragons can consume broccoli. However, feeding broccoli to your bearded dragon too often can cause him/her ill, and you had better feed raw broccoli to your dragon.

11. Can bearded dragon eat cabbage?

Yes, both green cabbage and red cabbage can be eaten by bearded dragons. You should choose the raw cabbage and wash it carefully before feeding it to your dragon.

12. Can bearded dragon eat carrots?

Carrots are really good for bearded dragons’ health as they are high in Vitamin A. However,  if your bearded dragon is also receiving vitamin A supplements as well as having carrots in its diet, this can cause vitamin A toxicity. So if your beardie has a diet containing foods (like carrots) rich in vitamin A, you should adjust the amount of vitamin A supplements given to him/her.

13. Can bearded dragon eat celery?

Of course, raw celery both the stalks and the leaves can be included in the bearded dragons’ diet. Before having the celery eaten by your dragon, you are recommended to finely chop it.

14. Can bearded dragon eat chicken?

Actually, there have not been researches supporting feeding cooked chicken to bearded dragons as well as effects on overall dragon health. Therefore, you had better avoid provide your bearded dragon with chicken.

15. Can bearded dragon eat cilantro?

Cilantro is known as a safe fruit for bearded dragons to eat as well as it is fresh and washed before serving it.

16. Can bearded dragon eat corn?

Corns can be eaten bearded dragons but feeding your dragon corn too often is not suggested.

17. Can bearded dragon eat cucumber?

Yes, you just need to have cucumbers peeled and give it to your beardie. However, cucumbers which are known to contain mostly water provide poor nutritional value.

18. Can bearded dragon eat dandelions?

Yes, feeding dandelions on a daily basis is recommended as they are extremely healthy for bearded dragons to eat.

19. Can bearded dragon eat earthworm?

Of course, bearded dragons really love eating earthworms. However, make sure you don’t feed them bait worms or worms you found yourself. Also, only adult dragons should be given worms as they are fatty.

20. Can bearded dragon eat fish?

There is not enough research proving feeding fish to a bearded dragon is safe or healthy so you had better not try it.

21. Can bearded dragon eat fruit?

Definitely, the fruit is loved by bearded dragons. You should choose the fresh fruit as well as wash them carefully to remove any pesticides.

22. Can bearded dragon eat grapes?

Yes, both grapes and grape leaves can be eaten by bearded dragons. And you should remember to clean them before giving them to your dragon.

23. Can bearded dragon eat grass?

Yes, if you have clovers, bearded dragons love them. But make sure that your lawn is safe with no pesticides.

24. Can bearded dragon eat grasshopper?

Yes, bearded dragons really love eating insects, especially grasshoppers and crickets. However, you should avoid feeding your bearded dragon any insect that does not safety as they can have parasites within them, which can cause dangerous problems to your bearded dragon.

25. Can bearded dragon eat green bean?

Yes, green beans (both the beans and the leaves) are completely safe and good for bearded dragon health. Remember to make them clean before giving them to a dragon.

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26. Can bearded dragon eat kale?

Yes, washed and fresh kale is completely safe for bearded dragons.

27. Can bearded dragon eat lettuce?

Lettuce can be eaten bearded dragons but it would be nothing to feed your dragon lettuce as it has zero nutritional value for bearded dragons.

28. Can bearded dragon eat mealworm?

Bearded dragons can eat mealworms. However, mealworms having a very hard chitin shell are not recommended as it is very challenging for dragons to digest.

29. Can bearded dragon eat mice?

There is not enough evidence or research supporting having baby mice as food for bearded dragons. Therefore, you had better not feed dragon mice.

30. Can bearded dragon eat mushroom?

You had better not provide bearded dragons with mushrooms as you will not sure if they are highly poisonous and lethal for beardies or not.

31. Can bearded dragon eat nightcrawler?

No, the mucus coating the nightcrawlers produces can make eating them difficult. Moreover, nightcrawlers could be contaminated by pesticides from the soil, so eating them might be dangerous. 

32. Can bearded dragon eat oranges?

There are some oranges that can be eaten by bearded dragons such as Mandarin and Navel oranges but oranges and other citric fruit are not recommended.

33. Can bearded dragon eat parsley?

Parsley can be eaten by bearded dragons but overfeeding parsley to a dragon is not recommended. Ensure that you use fresh and washed parsley before serving.

34. Can bearded dragon eat peaches?

Yes. You just need to choose raw/fresh peaches and cut to the right sizes and you can serve your dragon with them.

35. Can bearded dragon eat pea?

 Bearded dragons can eat peas, but they will need their peas chopped up.

36. Can bearded dragon eat pineapple?

Both fresh and canned pineapple are be eaten by bearded dragons. And remember to have the pineapple cut into small enough pieces before feeding.

37. Can bearded dragon eat plum?

Plums can be eaten by bearded dragons as long as you wash and cut the plum before feeding it to a dragon.

38. Can bearded dragon eat raspberry?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat raspberries. However, you should rarely feed them.

39. Can bearded dragon eat romaine lettuce?

Of course, but Romaine lettuce is not recommended as there is no nutritional value founded in any type of lettuce for bearded dragons.

40. Can bearded dragon eat spiders?

Yes, Spiders can be eaten by bearded dragons. However, you are not recommended to feed your dragon spiders as some spiders may have parasites or toxic substances that would be harmful to your dragon.

41. Can bearded dragon eat spinach?

Of course, spinach can be eaten by bearded dragons but you should consider it as it contains calcium, which can lead to nutrition issues.

42. Can bearded dragon eat stink bug?

No, You had better not give stink bugs to bearded dragons as they have toxic pesticides on their body, which would be fatal for bearded dragons.

43. Can bearded dragon eat strawberries?

Yes, you can have fresh strawberries eaten by bearded dragons and ensure that you have them washed and cut to the right size.

44. Can bearded dragon eat tomato?

Can bearded dragon eat tomato

Tomatoes can sometimes be used as food for bearded dragons. However, your bearded dragons could be ill if they ingest many tomatoes.

45. Can bearded dragon eat watermelon?

Yes, you can have watermelon and other melons as well prepared to feed bearded dragons by cutting them into small enough pieces for the dragon.

46. Can bearded dragon eat zucchini?

Yes, zucchini is fairly healthful. You can feed them several times a week. Besides, you can also combine zucchini with other greens for a salad.

47. Can you overfeed a bearded dragon?

Of course, bearded dragons can be overfed as you overfeed them regularly with fatty insects (such as worms). That is the reason which causes bearded dragons to gain too much weight.

48. What do bearded dragons eat?

Being omnivores, bearded dragons can eat most things including both plants and insects. As they have a quite wide diet, you may find it difficult to choose the best food for them. Therefore, you should have a look at our bearded dragon diet page for more details.


Do bearded dragons climb

49. Can bearded dragons swim?

Yes, Actually bearded dragons are very good at swimming. However, you shouldn’t purposefully force your dragon to swim and monitor him when he is swimming.

50. Can bearded dragons hear?

Yes, bearded dragons are really good at hearing and capable of recognizing someone’s movement as they are extremely sensitive to vibrations

51. Do bearded dragons climb?

Of course, bearded dragons love climbing and often climb rocks and trees in nature. Therefore, you should prepare some places for your dragon to climb inside his/her tank.

52. Do bearded dragons smell?

Bearded dragons will smell bad or release an unpleasant odor if they are not well taken care of. However, generally, bearded dragons do not smell if they are properly maintained.

53. Do bearded dragons lose their tails?

No, bearded dragons’ tails are permanent and if they lose their tails, the tails cannot come back and re-grow any part of their body.

54. Do bearded dragons bite?

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Yes, In case bearded dragons are threatened or are in a negative mood, they can bite and hurt you so be careful.

55. Do bearded dragons carry salmonella?

Yes, salmonella is found on all lizards, which can predispose you to intestinal tract issues so you had better wash your hands before and after handling a bearded dragon.

56. Can bearded dragons see color?

In wild, a very useful vision helps bearded dragon easily hunt for food and they can see full color as well but their depth perception is not good with their eyes on the sides of their head (causing them to run into things).

57. Do bearded dragons hibernate?

Yes, in the wild bearded dragons will experience a semi-hibernation phase called the brumation cycle. Similarly, most bearded dragons in captivity will go through a brumation cycle, but some may not, which mostly depends on the hormones within your dragon and the habitat he/she is in.

58. Do bearded dragons shed?

Yes, bearded dragons will need to shed their skin. While young dragons will frequently shed their skin as they grow, adult dragons may do it twice per year.

59. What are bearded dragons predators?

Bearded dragons have a variety of predators including birds, large snakes, bigger lizards, and dogs.


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60. Can bearded dragons live together?

When bearded dragons are young they can get on well with each other while adult bearded dragons should be kept alone. In specific, males need to be alone but females may live together without any problems.

61. Can bearded dragons live with other lizards?

It would be disastrous to let bearded dragons live with any other types of lizards even if they are not aggressive. This is because the bacteria that may be normal to one could be fatal to the other.

62. Do bearded dragons have teeth?

Yes, bearded dragons’ teeth include front teeth and side teeth. While the former is specialized in biting and tearing their prey and will fall out regularly, the latter is used for eating plants and are permanent.

63. Do bearded dragons make good pets?

This is one of the tough questions about bearded dragons. However, I definitely say “YES”, bearded dragons will be amazing pets as you will find it easy to maintain, gentle them, and they don’t take up much space.

64. How big do bearded dragons get?

The size of a bearded dragon is decided by its diet and habitat. Under ideal conditions, a bearded dragon can reach 18-22 inches.

65. How big does a bearded dragon tank need to be?

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How large your bearded dragon is will decides on the size of a bearded dragon tank. A 75-gallon tank will be suitable for most dragons when they are full-grown while very large dragons will need larger tanks.

66. How long do bearded dragons live?

The diet, health, and environment of a bearded dragon will have a great influence on the average life span of bearded dragons. It is common for bearded dragons to live for a period of time from 8 to 12 years old.

67. How much is baby bearded dragons?

I can not give exact information for these questions of price about bearded dragons. Baby bearded dragons that are cheaper than adult bearded dragons can cost from $30-$60.

68. How much are bearded dragons?

The cost of a bearded dragon varies following its age and color. It is common for you to get bearded dragons for $60-$100 while some are free in the classifieds or some can cost up to $1,200.00 due to their rare colors from selective breeders.

69. How to make a bearded dragon vivarium?

Choosing the proper bearded dragon supplies will help you create a pleasant vivarium for your bearded dragon.

70. Where can I get a bearded dragon?

You find a bearded dragon will be available at local pet stores, breeders, or you may find them in classified ads or on craigslist.


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