Bearded Dragon Teeth Care? What Do You Know About It?

Bearded Dragon Have Teeth

Nowadays, more and more people choose bearded dragons as their household pets. Besides paying attention to their diet, bearded dragon teeth care is very important to keep them healthy.

As pet owners affectionately call, caring for beardies is not difficult but many indeed do not know how to look after their teeth properly.

This article will provide you with the necessary information about it.


How Can This Reptile Chew Food?

Like other animals, beardies have teeth primarily used for feeding. Their teeth are a very important element that cannot be ignored to keep them healthy.

If not, it will lead to their sickness and other health issues.

Bearded Dragon Toothbrush

Beardies have an acrodont dentition. Starting in the midline, a pleurodont tooth may push out an anterior acrodont tooth as it erupts.

It is superficially attached to the biting edges of the upper and lower jawbones.

Beardies use the front to catch and hold insects and the back to chew food.

Moreover, they also bite when they fight with each other or to protect their zone.

The acrodont teeth are easily lost and cannot be replaced with new ones.

Pictures below will help you imagine more easily.

Acrodont Detention Structure

Acrodont Detention Structure (Source: BeardedDragonsWorld)

What Does This Reptile Eat?

They are well-known for being a kind of gentle and docile pet reptiles.

Similar to other omnivores, this reptile has a basic diet that includes both plants and animals.

Hence, it is important to have them well cared for health guarantee. Their diet is a combination of vegetables and insects.

You should ensure vegetables’ freshness and nutrition found in some food as follows:

  • Artichoke
  • Carrot
  • Cabbage
  • Celery
  • Cucumber

Fruits, such as apple, cherry, grape, peach, etc. are also good choices.

Insects are indispensable to their meals which helps them achieve optimal growth. It would be best if you can feed them with live insects.

Nevertheless, do not worry if you can not find living ones, dried food is still okay.

You just need to be careful when choosing bugs since they can carry dangerous parasites.

Bearded Dragon Teeth Care

Apart from it, leaves and vegetables are also important as the main source of water.

The bigger your pet is, the bigger insects he/ she can eat and more leafy vegetables.

Veterinarians also say that calcium supplements help your pet’s skeletons develop better, avoiding bone metabolisms such as the curvaceous dorsal spine, zigzag tailbone, and short lifespan.

Bearded Dragon Teeth Care? Is it important?

Yes. Anything can get into trouble if you do not take care of it properly.

The most popular periodontal disease they can take is tartar and gingivitis.

These might cause their inappetence, lethargy, and dehydration.

At the first stage, beardies teeth gradually changing brown in small areas is the easiest signal which can be seen.

You should start brushing for them once or twice per week.

Bearded Dragon Teeth Black

Beardie Teeth (Source: TotalBeardedDragon)

After that, the discoloration area is spreading up the whole dentition when tartar is starting to build up.

It seems to develop easily if you feed beardies too much soft food. You should brush for them every one to two days.

Coming to the third stage, tartar buildup gradually increases along with red gums.

This situation leads to teeth recession away from the gums and the bearded dragon has black teeth, causing lots of discomfort for our pet.

Besides the usual brush, we need to bring beardies to the vet for anesthetized dental cleaning.

Bearded Dragon Teeth

More seriously, the disease gets to the fourth stage when the tartar covers the dentition.

At this stage, their gingivitis is becoming weaker and infecting their jawbones.

They need to have not only anesthetized dental cleaning and brushing but also antibiotics.

At the last stage, severe osteomyelitis causes parts of the jaw bone to die and separate.

Owners must send them to the vet to have teeth cleaning with specific care methods such as dental cleanings, bone debridement, or lifelong antibiotic treatment. Sometimes, the owner must consider humane euthanasia for irremediable cases.

How Do You Clean Beardies’ Mouth?

Bearded Dragon Teeth Pictures

It is a matter of fact that the lack of cleaning your beardies’ mouth in the right way is predisposed to periodontal disease.

To avoid these things, you should have routine care for them.

The best way to clean is using a q-tip soaked in dilute chlorhexidine solution then politely do bearded dragon teeth care.

Chlorhexidine provides a residual effect for up to 2 days. You can ask your pet veterinarian if it is suitable for them.

Have Bearded Dragons Get Teeth

It would be best for your pet to have routine care done once to twice a week.

Only use a q-tip or cotton ball as a bearded dragon toothbrush.

Gently rind the lip down to see small triangles in his mouth, swab q-tip with dilute solution along with them, and gums on both sides, up and down.

Watch this video for example: How To Brush A Breaded Dragons Teeth

How To Keep Your Beardies Teeth Healthy

How you daily clean your beardies teeth decides how healthy they are.

There are 3 main affecting factors: diet, lighting, and fighting each other.

Firstly, veterinarians suggest that you should limit the amount of citrus and sugary fruits in beardies’ diet because the high level of sugar in those fruits will be more harmful than good. You had better feed them crunchy insects and crunchy vegetables instead.

Chewing these types of food will naturally clean beardies’ teeth.

An advisable balanced diet for baby ones is a combination of 60% protein from insects and 40% vegetation (limited fruits).

For an adult one, you should adjust their diet of around 80% insect proteins and 20% vegetation (limited fruits).

Healthy Bearded Dragon Teeth

Apart from a balanced diet, you should use the proper light within the enclosure to keep these little triangles healthy.

Make sure that you set up UVB lighting appropriately so that they can properly and effectively absorb calcium.

A wrong, broken, or faulty setup can lead to wide-scale effects on your pet’s health in general.

It is essential to set up a basking lamp with the right temperature for them to rest and digest properly, specifically extracting and absorbing all the necessary nutrients from their diet.

The last one, fighting each other, rarely happens and only when you want to own more than one reptile.

In that case, you should keep them in separate places to avoid this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bearded Dragon Teeth Cleaning

1. Do Baby Bearded Dragon Have Teeth?

Yes, they have since they were babies.

Different from humans, baby beardies have quite sharp teeth to chew food and theirs will be blunter when they grow up.

2. Why Are My Beardies’ Teeth Black?

It is telling you that your pet is having health issues. So, you need to bring him/ her to your veterinarian.

His/ hers might be exposed to infection due to poor diet or lack of brush.

3. Is A Beardie’s Bite Dangerous to humans?

Bearded Dragon Teeth Brown

Not at all. Studies show that their bite has poison but it is harmless to humans and other animals.

If he bites you, keep calm and mildly use your free hand to open his mouth and take your finger out.

4. Do Bearded Dragons Like To Be Brushed?

They do not feel comfortable when having brushes.

If you see in the video above, beardie seems not ready for his teeth to be cleaned, despite not being the first time.

In that case, you need to gradually comfort and gently do bearded dragon teeth care.

Bearded Dragon Has Black Teeth

5. Do Bearded Dragons’ Teeth Grow Back?

They may not lose, but will naturally wear down day by day.

Nevertheless, if you do not take care of them properly, your pet can lose his/ her acrodont teeth which never grow back.

6. How Do I Know If My Bearded Dragon Has Mouth Rot?

A loss of appetite, visible dead tissue in the mouth, or red, inflamed mouth tissue, etc. are signals of mouth rot.

You should regularly stay focused on your pet’s diet.

If he/ she has these symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately to avoid more severe problems for him/her.

Bearded Dragon Brush Teeth

7. Is It Ok If I Cannot Feed My Pet With Fresh Food?

This is the most popular pet owners’ concern.

Normally, they are too busy at work that cannot spend time preparing nutritious meals for their pets.

However, no need to worry about!

Nowadays, you can buy formulated commercial products which include both vegetables and insects packed in one for your pet at the pet shop.

In conclusion

Taking care of a pet is never easy as you cannot understand their language and what they want.

Besides concentrating on their regimen to keep them healthy, you need to learn about bearded dragon teeth care to give them a favorable developing environment.

It is very essential that you need to not only satisfying their demand for nutritious combinations of insects and vegetables but also helping them avoid stress and depression.

We hope this article helps you get more worthwhile information regarding beardies teeth cleaning and have suitable routine care for your beloved pet.


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