How Long Can A Bearded Dragon Go Without Heat?

How Long Can a Bearded Dragon Go Without Heat

As we all know that, beardies need heat to grow happy and healthy, and providing your pet with a high-quality heat source is of paramount importance. So how long can a bearded dragon go without heat?

In this article, we will not only help you find out the answer but also delve into related situations as well as useful tips for you to deal with unexpected circumstances. Therefore, don’t hesitate to have look at this article.


Can Bearded Dragons Live Without Heat? – Health Problems

bearded dragon go without heat

Before finding out “how long can a bearded dragon go without heat?”, we should wonder whether bearded dragons go without heat.

Definitely, no. It is impossible for beardies to live without it as they are cold-blooded, which means that they need an external source to get their body on the temperature in order to function properly.

If it has not been for the proper temp, your dragon won´t be able to move properly, hunt and other body functions are not able to work as they should.

Especially, lizards need it to digest food properly.

Therefore, in this case, they are not able to digest their food. This means food remaining in a lizard´s stomach for too long will start to rot, leading to lethal consequences.

So, what will happen if the ambient temperature in the room where the tank is placed is too low.

Actually, being around 77 °F (25 °C) is not that bad.

However, this will have a negative impact on your pet as he will not be healthy and may suffer from health issues.

Also, your lizard won´t even wake up and just continue to sleep like a short brumation.

How Long Can a Bearded Dragon Go Without Heat?

can bearded dragon survive without heat lamp

As we have mentioned before, the fact that beardies survive without heat is impossible.

Therefore, you should not leave your beardie without any heat source for more than 24 hours.

Otherwise, dire consequences such as the food rotting in its stomach, health issues, and so on are more likely to happen to your dragon.

However, if the bulb, unfortunately, burns out, will a bearded dragon die without a heat lamp?

Actually, it would be fine for just a couple of hours without a lamp, which is not a long time. And you will need some hours to get a new one.

What Can You Do If You Can´t Get a New Heat Bulb Quickly?

Bearded Dragon Heat Lamp

Sometimes, there are unexpected circumstances such as your lamp burning out or a power cut. You have to get an alternative source for your beardie fast.

Of course, you shouldn’t be way too worried, and there are a couple of things you can do to give your pet a small amount of heat until you solve the problem despite the fact that these options won’t be as effective as the lamp.

Solution 1

Firstly, in case you have spare basking lamps in your home, just simply plug in the spare and you are up and running.

It is so easy rather than having to go out and purchase a new one as this takes time.

You can try to use any source you can get to get your pet on temperature.

For example, a heat mat that you are using for other reptiles would be useful for your pet for a couple of hours as it provides good quality.

Solution 2

Another option is using a ceramic heat emitter to give off heat and keep your dragon body temperature as close to optimal as possible.

However, in case of a power cut, neither of these options will be useful. Because they both require electricity so some following ways may help.

Beardie Glass Surfing

Solution 3

In specific, you can try filling a water bottle up with hot water, putting a towel over the bottle. Then, lay your pet on it.

Don’t forget a towel if you don’t want to burn your beardie, and re-heating the water in the bottles every so often is recommended.

Some people even use grain pillows to warm up their beardies but make sure that the pillow is not too hot.

Solution 4

Another way is to give your pet a warm bath.

However, this way is not suggested as your beardie has to be rubbed dry afterward. Otherwise, its body temperature will drop even further.

One thing that you should consider is not feeding your dragon in case of not accessing a source for a few hours because he will struggle to digest the food.

You had better save the meal until you have a basking lamp ready and working.

Why Do Bearded Dragons Need Heat Lamps?

bearded dragon without heat lamp

Unlike humans, all other animals have adapted to a specific type of environment, including lizards, a cold-blooded animal.

In the wild, they use external sources, such as the sun or even rocks, wood items, to help warm up the body.

And in captivity, the heat lamp or known as the basking lamp plays an important role as external sources. It is vital for the health of your beardie.

The lamp will help to facilitate digestion, which allows your pet to absorb nutrients.

If your pet is not allowed to bask under a lamp after eating, he can end up with undigested food rotting in his gut.

He can also suffer from impaction. That is to say, undigested food and other small substances such as sand in the digestive system are more likely to cause constipation.

Consequently, your pet may have a very painful experience. Moreover, it leads to loss of appetite, restricted movement, and being overall unhappy.


Why Heat Is Important For Baby Bearded Dragons

As the growth rate is actually done in the first 12 months of a dragon’s life, a baby needs to eat a lot of food throughout the day to keep up with its rate of growth. And it also requires more energy than an adult to grow quickly.

If a baby can’t digest the meal, which will prevent it from growing at the desired rate.

Therefore, you should attach great importance to the proper temperature, and make it a top priority.

bearded dragon size chart

How Much Heat Do Bearded Dragons Need Each Day?

After answering the question “how long can a bearded dragon go without heat?”, you may have a deeper understanding of the importance of the proper temp but how much exposure does your pet need to a lamp each day?

It is commonly suggested to provide your lizard with around 10-14 hours of light per day. And you should also leave the basking lamp on for this period of time.

If you want to replicate the winter-summer cycle and change the number of hours of light and heat you give to your pet every 3 months. The guide below will help:

  •       Winter – Light & Heat Hours – 10
  •       Spring – Light & Heat Hours – 12
  •       Summer – Light & Heat Hours – 14
  •       Autumn – Light & Heat Hours – 12

However, this route is not compulsory, you can stick to a set amount of hours all year round, which would be okay.

bearded dragon sleep schedule

What Is The Correct Temperature Bearded Dragons Need In The Tank?

The temperature that a Dragon needs in the tank will change depending on their age.

Also, it is extremely important for you to know that to reach optimum temperatures within the enclosure, warm and cool zones for a beardie are compulsory.

While the warmest area is the sunbathing area, the cooler zone is on the other end of the terrarium.

The area between these two areas should be between those temps.

The differences in temperature within the enclosure will allow the dragon to self-regulate its body temperature. This is crucial at every life stage – from baby to adult.

Here we will discuss the proper temps for a beardie at each stage of its life.

can a bearded dragon go a day without a heat lamp

1. Proper Temperatures for a Baby Dragon

Regarding a baby (less than 6 months old), while an elevated sunbathing area on one end of the terrarium is highly recommended to have temps ranging between 95 to 110 degrees F.

And, the temps should be slightly cooler and range between 80 to 90 degrees F on the opposite end of the enclosure.

Temperature AreasIdeal Temperature Range
Basking Area95°F - 110°F
Cool-down Area80°F - 90°F

2. Proper Temperatures for a Juvenile Dragon

Like a baby, juvenile dragons require the same temperatures.

However, the warmest area can be slightly cooler, ranging from 95 to 105 degrees F.

Temperature AreasIdeal Temperature Range
Basking Area95°F - 100°F
Cool-down Area80°F - 90°F

3. Proper Temperatures for Adult Bearded Dragons

Beardie Or Beardie

Unlike juveniles and babies, the adult needs slightly cooler sunbathing areas.

In specific, the temperature for the warm area should be between 90 to 93 degrees. Meanwhile, the cooler region of the enclosure should be at 80 to 90 degrees F.

Temperature AreasIdeal Temperature Range
Basking Area90°F - 93°F
Cool-down Area80°F - 90°F

4. Do Beardies Need Heat at Night?

At night, it is recommended to adjust the temps within the enclosure to drop anywhere between 70 and 75 degrees F for all stages of dragons, which helps to replicate what they would experience in the wild and keep your lizard healthy.

When nightfall arrives, you should turn off the sunbathing light so that the temps will lower, and the beardie can rest.

In case, temps in the terrarium fall below 70 degrees F at night, you had better add supplemental sources using pads or ceramic heat emitters as they don’t give off any light. Because it won’t disturb your pet while he’s sleeping.

To check the temperature of the tank I would highly recommend that you use a digital contactless thermometer. It will help you to easily distinguish the temperature in the tank while dial thermometers are very inaccurate and you are basically guessing at the temperature.

In order to establish important light cycles of daytime and nighttime for your dragon, just repeat this process.

5. Should You Use a Timer?

reptile light timer

Switching the lights on and off manually is not effective and sustainable. Therefore, sometimes due to your being so busy with your job or some unexpected reasons, we forget to switch the lights on or off at the right time.

If this happens too often, it will irritate your pet´s biorhythm.

Therefore, we always highly recommend that you use a timer to control when the lights go on and off in your Dragon tank. Besides, it help you to have everything on a timer and automating the whole process makes everything hands-free.

And you will not worry about unpredictable situations.

You will also find it beneficial as this can allow you beardie to set up his body clock.

For example, things like feeding in the morning become much easier as your pet knows that if the lights go on at 7 am (for example), they are going to get fed one hour later.

6. Do You Need to Provide Heat During Brumation?

bearded dragon without heat

Most beardies will go into brumation in captivity once they reach adulthood.

Therefore, if you notice that your pet is about to brumate, you can slowly reduce the amount during brumation until you turn off the heat completely.

During brumation, they don’t need it at all as it would disturb them while sleeping.

After brumation, you can turn it on gradually until you reach the proper temperatures.

If at any time you are unsure about anything during the brumation period, you had better seek advice from your vet.

Commonly Asked Question About Bearded Dragon Temperature

can bearded dragons go without heat

1. How Long Can a Beardie Go Without Uv Light?

A beardie can go for two days without UVB light. However, you had better let this happen as they can’t absorb calcium properly without Vitamin D. And it results in lethal diseases weakening the bones and body of your pet.


2. What Is The Lowest Temperature a Beardie Can Survive?

The lowest temp a beardie can survive safely is 65° degrees Fahrenheit (18° C). However, it would be too cold for your dragon, which can cause your pet health issues so you need to adjust it immediately.

3. How Long Can a Beardie Be Out Of Its Cage?

can bearded dragons go into heat

You can keep your pet out as long as you want provided that you give him an hour of UVB before eating to get his appetite up, and 2 hours after eating to digest. Also, make sure you keep him warm.

4. Can I Leave My Beardie Alone For 2 Days?

Generally speaking, leaving a lizard alone for one to two days is never a problem.

Even three days is a viable time frame. Anything over 3 days with no human care is probably too long and you may be risking problems.

5. What Does An Unhealthy Beardie Look Like?

Beardie Will Only Eat InsectsAn unhealthy beardie will show these telling signs that most commonly indicate an illness or issue of some sort. Particularly, not going to the bathroom, lack of appetite, diarrhea, lethargy, sunken eyes, wrinkly skin, paralysis, twitching, jerky movements, rotting skin, turning white, black beard, and so on.


We hope that through this article, you will have a profound understanding of the importance of proper temps to your lizard as well as gain useful tips to address related problems. We are also sure that questions such as “how long can a bearded dragon go without heat?”, “can a bearded dragon go a day without a heat lamp?” and so on cannot trouble you.

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