Best Uvb Bulb For Sulcata Tortoise in 2022

Best Uvb Bulb For Sulcata Tortoise

Making use of the best UVB bulb for Sulcata tortoise can go a long way towards making their home as close as possible to their natural environment. Of course, you want the best for your animal tortoise and wonder how to improve his life.

The first simple thing is, they require heat and light as the natural sunlight. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to these factors in the terrarium.

May you don’t think just providing food and water is enough?

Your pet tortoise would face health problems from normal to serious without a sufficient amount of light and heat. You will have a healthy and well-growing pet with the right bulbs.

Do not hesitate to check out our suggestions for the right choice!

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The Need Of Heat And Light – Why Is The Best UVB Bulb For Sulcata Tortoise Important?

Baby Sulcata Tortoise Uvb Light

Why Do Shell Reptiles Require UVB For Their Growth?

For healthy and balanced growth, reptiles in general always need vitamin D and calcium.

To synthesize vitamin D3 in their skin, tortoises in general, and Sulcata tortoise in particular, require UVB.

Vitamin D3 promotes the absorption of calcium which is important for bone structure and development.

These vitamins can be consumed by the natural sun or supplements, but sometimes it is not enough for some reptiles to fulfill their needs.

If the shell reptiles do not have enough sufficient radiance source, they could result in a vitamin D3 deficiency.

This consequently inhibits the capacity to metabolize calcium which contributes to the digestion of the bone.

The metabolic condition signs include limp, bow legs, a lower jaw with irregular flexibility, hard to move, loss of appetite, and softshell.

Moreover, calcium reduction can lead to lethargy, tremors, twitches, fainting, convulsions, etc., and even death.

UVB Lighting

Do Sulcata Tortoises Need Uvb

Sulcata tortoises enjoy basking in warm climates, which naturally results in a high UVB dose from the sun.

This should be reflected in their UVB enclosure. Inside the vivarium, you can use fluorescent radiation with a reflector to avoid illumination waste.

For desert animals like Sulcata, the tube should be at least 10% UVB. There are two types of fluorescent tubes: T8 and T5.

The latest technology is T5 tubes that contain more light and UVB than those of the T8 ones.

You can use combined heat and UVB bulbs (mercury vapor) on tables when making a basking area in the terrarium.

UVB And Basking Area

To remain healthy grow, Sulcate tortoises must have UVB access and hot basking areas.

The radiation area can be an extensive zone from the most to the less intensive, like the basking area.

It must be at the height of the bulb and then taper over a wide space, below or just next to it.

It should warm up the whole body of your tortoise under the UVB light, not just a tiny spot.

Moreover, you must offer a shaded area without radiation, at the other end of the enclosure, for your pet to hide if required.

Try to align the UVB bulbs near the basking deck. Since your tortoise undoubtedly would spend a lot of time asking, they will need to absorb more rays too. If you place the bulb on the other side of the tank, opposite to the basking zone, your pet will not have the light he needs.

Sulcata Tortoise Uvb

Sulcata Tortoise Uvb Light

How To Setup The Perfect Lighting System For Sulcata Tortoise (Credit: Build Your Aquarium)

Note that a compact light requires a smaller positioning which is why we advise it to be positioned nearer to the basking zone.

Your Sulcate tortoise will not have any problems as long as the lamp is near where they bask.

Best Uvb Bulb For Sulcata Tortoise Shortlist (Updated List) 

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The Best Uvb Bulb For Sulcata Tortoise

Sulcata Tortoise Lighting


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  • Light source wattage: 15 watts
  • Type: T8 tube

In order to increase the health and the natural colors of the tortoises’ habitat, Zilla introduces a fluorescent bulb that emits both UVA and UVB rays.

With regard to bone growth of desert turtles, it requires an additional daily intake of 50 microwatts/s/cm2 from a light.

This product also provides the requisite UVA rays and visible light that improves the clarity and exposure of skin coloration.

It is designed to suit the most essential forms of fluorescent fixtures.

The Zilla product is told to output about two times the radiation compared to other ones.

Please be aware that the manufacturer suggests placing the light at least 6 inches from the basking area. And do not forget to replace every 12 months.


  • Delivers full-spectrum warm light UVA and infrared radiation UVB in one bulb
  • Suitable for desert reptiles such as Sulcata
  • Cheap price


  • Need a T8 bulb strip
  • May get the flickering issue


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  • Light source wattage: 13 watts
  • 10% UVA, 30% UVB output

 Zoo Med is a company which has a reputation for delivering high-quality products for the pet, therefore, there is no doubt about the quality this product delivers.

Compared to other fluorescent versions, this compact version is preferable thanks to its flexibility.

With the lightweight design, you can easily get it to work regardless of how you build the tank.

You can even use them in a very wide field. These lights are very well designed making you feeling good when handling them.

They have quartz glass that supports and do not easily crack under the UVB penetration.


  • Well designed
  • Good durability
  • Good UVB output


  • It is better to use the bigger version for the big tanks
  • Do not offer enough heat

Check out the review video of Reptisun Light here: Tortoise UVB / UVA Light 10.0 Repti Sun By Zoo Med – YouTube


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  • Light source wattage: 13 watts, 26 watts
  • Can filter out up to 50% UVB

 The Exo Terra Repti-Glo 10.0 Compact Lamp provides your reptiles with enough UVB and UVA to improve their wellbeing. As Exo Terra told, this bulb was designed with the reptile focused.

Its higher intake of energy makes your pet more active, appetite, and even mating behavior.

Specifically, this light would give desert animals a fair deal.

This is an excellent choice for a basking spot with its high UVB output of up to 20 inches.

Therefore, it will also fill outside the cage and allow any plants in the tank to grow well.

Moreover, for a wholly lighting set up for your Sulcata tortoise, Exo Terra designed this bulb to go with the heating Repti-Glo 2.0.

The light screws into every lamp socket and does not overheat it. So you do not have to worry about choosing a special socket.


  • Good value for money
  • High UVB output and far reach
  • Adaptable to any socket


  • Burn out fast
  • Reported to release the dangerous UVC
  • Run too hot
  • Not really last long as described

Unboxing and quick reviewing of Exo Terra Repti-Glo Compact Lamp: Lighting For Reptiles – Exo Terra Repti-Glo 10.0 Fluorescent Bulbs – YouTube


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  • Light source wattage: 21 watts

 The ReptiZoo Bulb helps you to save the Sulcata’s health and strength simultaneously.

It is very bright, caring for the psychology of light that is essential for all living things.

ReptiZoo guaranteed its durability and stable ray flow thanks to an intelligent chip.

The bulb gives the necessary rays for the synthesis of vitamin D3 and calcium metabolism at the right height about 10 to 12 inches from your pet.

In addition, this is a good energy-saving product.

It gives a great output that can last for a year and can be used for 6 to 8 hours a day. What is cost-effectiveness!


  • Power saving efficiency
  • Gives strong luminosity
  • Durable with a chip to guard against pulse damage
  • Adapts to any standard socket
  • Good price


  • Easy to get defective


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  • Light source wattage: 100 watts

AIICIOO Mercury Vapor Bulb can be used for a number of reptiles such as snakes, geckos, frogs, etc., not only the Sulcata tortoises.

Whatever your animals want to get from the sun, this product will provide. Regardless of the different habitats, this bulb from AIICIO is well suited.

If you need the best UVB bulb for Sulcata tortoise in form of a mercury vapor bulb, do not pass this.

One big advantage of this product is that it will cool down automatically to prevent combustion or overheating.

Therefore, it extends the longevity and is also safe for the animal if it stays too near the light bulb.

Are you finding an all in one product? This bulb supplies everything your pet need, from UVA, UVA to heat and light.

Moreover, all the items are checked before being packaged for sale to ensure that what you get works well.

However, you still have to obey the guidelines to guarantee a long life for the product.


  • Multifunctional product, a good source of light, UVA, UVB, and heat.
  • Tested before selling
  • Suitable for various types of reptiles


  • Better to use with small size tank

 Get to know how to use a mercury vapor bulb: What is a Mercury Vapor Bulb and How Do You Use One? ��� (


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  • Light source wattage: 100 watts

 The MyComfyPets 2-in-1 Light Bulb is one of the finest radiance lamps that you can easily find on the market today.

Without impacting their skin or behaviors, this product can be used for all pet reptiles.

In addition to being a heater, this lamb can provide both UVA and UVB illumination.

The product is assured with a capability of 100 watts that it provides your pet with the best experience at a good price.

However, although being advertised to last up to 10000 hours, it may be fewer in reality.


  • Easy to find
  • All in one product
  • Strong light source
  • Long-lasting


  • Suddenly turn off sometimes
  • Unstable lighting sometimes


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  • Light source wattage: From 13 to 26 watts

 Lucky Herp Compact Fluorescent Lamp offers a reliable source and low fading UVB.

You do not have to worry about the UVC harmful because this is guaranteed to be safe within a range.

This compact lamp supports all tortoises’ outdoor lighting requirements and also takes advantage of the sun when indoors.

It only emits 10% UVB. However, this is enough quantity for your Sulcata pet to digest and synthesize vitamin D3 and calcium.

In addition, it will be a cure for bone metabolic disorders if your pet unfortunately gets.

Apart from the UVB production, the lamp also provides UVA, which is necessary for feeding and mating behaviors of the reptile.


  • Emits enough rays for the daily synthesis of Vitamin D3 and calcium metabolism
  • Not produce UVC
  • Adapts to all standard sockets
  • Solve the unstable and fading issues of compact lamps


  • Breaks down quicker than expected

Choosing The Best UVB Bulb For Sulcata Tortoise: Buyer’s Guide

Sulcata Tortoise Light

If you are living in a hot weather country, your desert Sulcata has free access to the sun most of the days.

Hence, you do not have to use specific bulbs. On the other hand, lighting and heaters indoors are necessary if you live in a colder climate.

Types Of Sulcata Tortoise Light Bulb

  • Long fluorescent tubes:

The T8 type of fluorescent tubes has been used widely for years. Nevertheless, nowadays, more and more people choose the new and stronger T5 one.

Owners can hang the T5 tubes higher above the tank thanks to their stronger output.

Sulcata Tortoise Uv Light

Comparison chart of the common fluorescent UV tubes: T5, T8, T12

  • Compact:

Sulcata Tortoise Uvb Uva Light

Compacts bulbs are small fluorescent bulbs and like standard light bulbs, but not always.

They are available in straight or spiral shapes. However, this is not preferable like the long ones.

Additionally, compact UV lights have caused significant uproar amongst shell reptile experts.

Some keepers believe it is okay to use when it is hung overhead, whilst others swear that will give their pets extreme eye trouble and even blindness.

  • Mercury vapor:

Uvb For Sulcata Tortoise

Similar to the previous compact type, there are some controversies about this product.

Many users claimed that this release abnormally short UVB radiation, thus increase the risk of photo keratoconjunctivitis – an eye problem.

Many experts choose this as the best UVB bulb for Sulcata tortoise since it can offer a lot of functions in just one lamp.

  • Metal halide:

Sulcata Tortoise Uva Uvb

These products are fresh to the market recently.

They provide transparent light, heat, UVA, UVB and are regarded as superior to mercury vapor.

The light production of the metal halides is naturalistic and bright. But their beams are so small and the radiation declines rapidly.

We have listed out some standards you need to check before buying a reptile bulb:

Sulcata Tortoise Uva Or Uvb

Cre: monkeyfrog

  • Quality:

For the safety of your pet, only choose bulbs from reliable brands.

Cheap, unknown brand copycat bulbs can emit harmful UV radiographic radiation such as too high, the wrong wavelength, or the wrong kind.

For example, UVA and UVB are appropriate for tortoises but not UVC which is dangerous for them.

Furthermore, it is best to purchase standardized manufactured lighting and heating products.DIY electrical cables may be a danger of burning.

  • Safety:

Cellular damage to the skin (sunburn and related effects) and the eye is the major concern associated with UV-producing bulbs.

The consequence of the wrong use will flush out the damaging rays with shortening wavelengths.

Make sure to use suitable heating and lighting since certain species can be overexposed to UV while basking.

  • Follow directions from the producers:

Always follow the safety guidelines of the manufacturer about connecting lighting and heating equipment.

Incorrectly mounted, loose and fallen cage fixtures can produce several house fires.

In addition, check your specific radiance lights whether or not suitable for the species about the minimum installation height.

  • Lampstands:

Most of the available products fit well with most light fixtures of the dome.

They can be height and depth modified, so the light can be placed as it is wanted.

  • Clamps caution:

Do not connect the clamps to light fixtures. Clamp fixtures can be slipping or even drop down to one side and cause a fire.

The better way to mount lights is to use a reptile lamp stand and a bulb fixture with a wire hanging cord.

Try to lock them with welding clamps as double security if needed.

Although soldering clamps have a good grip, other heavy-duty steel spring ones still operate well.

  • Hooks and brackets:

By being hung on the strong ceiling hooks or wall brackets, UVB and heat lamps may also safely be mounted.

The easiest way is using light fixtures with embedded hangers, such as domes with metal loops. Their cords should not be used to hang lamps.

  • Smoke detection:

Do not place the hot bulbs near flammable kinds of stuff such as covers or close-by curtains. Install smoke detectors in the tortoise aquarium room if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best UVB Bulb For Sulcata Tortoise

Sulcata Tortoise Heat Lamp Wattage

1. Which One The Sulcata Tortoise Prefers? UVB or UVA light?

Both are required for your Sulcata terrarium. UVA light helps control the tortoise’s normal behaviors, such as eating, mating, and diurnal activities.

Some UV light products can provide both UVB and UVA, while some only supply one of them.

2. Do Sulcata Tortoises Need Light At Night?

Common advice from experts is that you need to maintain the indoor light in summer 12 to 14 hours a day and in winter 10 to 12 hours a day.

The bulbs should be warm, bright at daytime. Generally, at night, the lights should be turned off for the tortoises to relax.

However, you can use some ceramic heat emitters or radiant heat panels. These products provide only heat with no light, suitable for night time heating in cold countries.

3. What Is The Basking Temperature Of A Sulcata Tortoise?

A basking area has typically produced a temperature of about 35 – 40oC, with the help of a light bulb. It should be sustained throughout the day.

In order not to overheat the tank in a small vivarium, temperatures should be measured carefully. You must retain the cool end at least at 25oC.

4. Why My Tortoise Stop Basking?

Tortoises could be too slow and can not collapse if the temperatures are too low (both water and basking area).

They would be unable to come out to bask if the water is much colder than the prescribed or the ambient air temperature is too cold.

You should pay attention to the temperature of the tank and each area since basking is critical to the health of your pet.

5. May I Use A Normal Light Bulb?

In fact, normal incandescent light bulbs will still work as a source of heat.

However, it does not produce any UVB or UVA. The reason why you need a specific lamp for the tortoise tank is that it does not offer only heat and light, but also the required both.


If you want your Sulcata tortoise to be safe and comfortable, the use of UVB bulbs can not be overemphasized.

It is important to the synthesis of vitamin D and calcium and to the production of a strong bone system and the hard shell of your pet.

The bulbs may be a little bit pricey but they value it absolutely, in comparison to the advantages.

We suggest ZILLA UVB FLUORESCENT BULB 18 INCH if you are still unsure about which item to choose.

It helps to provide the tortoise with a good source of UVB and light, also energy saving.

Besides, it has a long service life and an integrated chip that protects the circuit.

If you want to get a convenient product with multi-functions in one, try the AIICIOO MERCURY VAPOR BULB.

It does not only provide UVB and UVA light but also works as a heater as well.

The best UVB bulb for Sulcata tortoise is one of the most important pieces of equipment you should prepare for your pet aquarium. Take the purchase seriously, your Sulcata friend will be thankful for it.

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