Best UV Meter in 2020: For Accurate Ultraviolet Radiation Measurement

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UV meter is a must-have item in your house, especially, if you keep reptiles as pets at home.

As you know, ultraviolet radiation has many benefits to humans and animal’s life. It can be used for sterilization and carrying out experiments. 

Especially, for some animals such as reptiles, ultraviolet radiation is crucial for their health since it takes to care for calcium synthesis and several essential behaviors. 

Although it is impossible to deny the importance of ultraviolet to people and animal’s life, to make sure the ultraviolet radiation safe limit expose, a meter is indispensable.

There will be some problems if too much exposure to ultraviolet radiation, it can bring some bad effects, while with a good meter, you can follow up and control the exposure to stay healthy. 

The meter can allow you to take measurements of the amounts of ultraviolet radiation.

There are more and more meters in the market because the need of checking ultraviolet radiation is raising. Thus, it becomes hard to choose the right tool for your needs. 

And it is also our reason to make the list of UV meter reviews along with several guides and tips for helping you out to make the right selection for your purchase. 

The 5 Top-Rated Best UV Meter Review (Recommendations)

#1 TOP REVIEWSDr. Meter LX1330B
#3 BEST BUDGET BUYPortable Ultraviolet AB
#4 BEST FOR REPTILESSolarmeter model 6.5R
#5 BEST EASY TO USESolarmeter Model 6.5 UV


Guide For The Best UV Meter

Simply, the UV meters are used for measuring the ultraviolet radiation amounts of exposure and make sure that it exposure is in the safe range. 

1. Bad Effects Of Ultraviolet Light On Human

– Eyes damage: High amounts of ultraviolet radiation and long time exposure can harm the eye’s tissues. Contact with the sunlight which is a source of ultraviolet radiation can increase cataract symptoms which will soon become blindness. 

– Immune system: With too much expose of this ray, it can make the body lost the defense to avoid the diseases and infection. 

– Skin problem: Ultraviolet radiation is also one of the causes of skin cancer if getting overexpose. ultraviolet radiation also can destroy the collagen and connective tissues. Hence, there will be a loss of skin elasticity. And wrinkles. 

– Expose long hours under the sun can cause sunburn because of UV rays. The energy absorption can destroy the cells leading to rasing blood flow in some areas. Thus, the sunburn is red. 

2. You Can Review The Chart Below To Protect Yourself 

Best UV Meters

3. Benefits Of Ultraviolet Radiation On Reptiles

Reptile is a kind of special animal, they get this radiation from the sun is wild. They will not live well without it. However, when you keep them indoor as pets, they can not get the benefit from sunlight and that is the reason why there should be another means of UV providing. 

Several reasons make it indispensable for reptiles

UVA is mainly helpful for feeding, mating, and movement regulating. 

UVB will allow your pet to get vitamin D3 which is essential for calcium absorption. It decides your pet’s strong growth of bones and shells and great joints movement. 

Calcium supplements will be wasted without UVB. 

UVC is not needed for health but it helps to keep them away from bacteria. However, you should be careful because the high lever of UVC exposure will cause some damages. 

best reptile uvb meter

Ultraviolet spectrum

Each type of light bulb will have a different amount of ultraviolet radiation. You should know the levels of bulbs you need to make sure your pet getting enough quantity. 

The desert reptiles usually need high amounts of sunlight, so they need more this kind of light amount. Thus, if your pet is native to the desert, the bulb giving off 12% UVB will be the best choice. 

Rainforest does not need much UV. 5%-7% UVB is good enough. 

The sources of ultraviolet radiation will decrease in their outputs through time. Therefore, UV light meters at intervals to measure it will bring many benefits for your pets. 

Best Reptile UVB Meter Shortlist

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Dr. Meter LX1330B4.5Check
URCERI Light Meter4.4Check
Portable Ultraviolet AB4.5Check
Solarmeter model 6.5R4.8Check
Solarmeter Model 6.5 UV4.9Check
General tools UV513AB Digital UVA/UVB Meter4.0Check
Extech UV505 Pocket UV-Ab light meter4.5Check

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

The Best UV Meter

reptile uvb meter

1. Dr. Meter LX1330B Digital Illuminance / light meter – TOP REVIEWS

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LX1330B is one of the high-quality digital light models with 4 ranges of settings 0/200/2.000/20.000/200.000 lux for dynamic measuring ability. 

If you are looking for a high accuracy device, you cannot miss it. It has the auto zeroing capabilities which make sure that you will get the reading at the pinpoint accuracy. It also deliveries very fast.

Besides, it is designed to better control your reading, thanks to the data hold and peak data hold when recording the information. It also comes with lower consumption and fall times, a short rise for more beneficial. 

Its EZ display, you can read the units and signs simply and get information with the over-range indicator. 

Dr. Meter also fits into your working bag, large pocket, because it is light and compact. 

Moreover, it has an advanced light sensor for more stable and accurate readings. Its detachable case will help to avoid stands, slippery, and hands-free running. 

It is perfect for use in offices, hospitals, photography, studying, and home use. Using for various applications list it up to the top of the best UV meter.


  • Good price with high-quality materials
  • High accuracy measurement provided
  • Easy reading display
  • Portable and convenient design for easy carrying 


  • In need of better instruction
  • The coiled cord to the sensor is a little short

2. URCERI Light Meter Digital Illuminance – RUNNER UP

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URCERI can measure luminosity from 0 up to 200.000 lux and amb temp. Coming with a compact and simple design, it is lightweight and convenient for most users. 

Especially, this device can reach high accuracy of ±3% rdg ± 8 gets, hence, it becomes a perfect choice for a handy tool with quick and quality readings. 

With the LCD, it is easy to use and allows you to check the readings at anytime even the night time in darkness. Besides, it also has a battery indicator. 

Especially, if you like kind of energy save tool, it is your right choice due to the auto power-off feature which can support turning off the device when you are not using for more than 15 minutes. 

You can carry it anywhere you want thanks to the compact and lightweight design. It is a handheld style, thus, you can use it for different purposes from the factory, office to home use, or for the pet. 


  • Coming with 4 digital color LCDs
  • Save energy battery indicator
  • Automatic power off
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Provide high accuracy measurement of luminosity from 0 to 200.000 lux
  • Cheap UV meters


  • Not for photography
  • It is hard to read at some angles or under direct light. 

3. Portable Ultraviolet AB light Meter – BEST BUDGET BUY

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Portable Ultraviolet AB measures the range from 0 to 2999 µW/cm2, it will measures only UV AB light power output, not wavelength. Its spectral detection ranges from 240 to 370mm, at 352 peak points. It is not able to measure UVC. 

Coming with a power button only, it is easy for operation. With 2 AAA alkaline batteries, it can last for a long time of use. 

It can work well from bright sunlight to dim interior source of ultraviolet radiation. It can verify that glasses advertised as UV blocking.


  • Easy to use with a compact design 
  • High accuracy 
  • Long-life batteries for the durability of best UV meter
  • Can check UVB reptile bulbs
  • Well verify ultraviolet radiation blocking glasses
  • Good price 


  • It takes at least 10 seconds for getting stable readings

4. Solarmeter model 6.5R reptile – BEST FOR REPTILES

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It is exactly designed for reptile owners. You might get confused with the above model, this one updates from the 6.5 version. The new things from 6.5R are the graphics with the latest scientific research about the ultraviolet radiation dosages for reptiles. 

6.5R has the Ferguson Zone chart at the top offers the instant and accurate reference for UVI readout meter. 

To operate it, you also simply can press and hold the button switch on the meter face. And aim the sensor window in the top panel meter at the ultraviolet radiation source. 

Solar UV meters also have the 9V down to 6.5V 


  • Compact design 
  • Handheld for easy using
  • Being durable, one battery can last for 2 years 
  • Simple operation 
  • Having an LCD Display and the NIST Traceable Accuracy 


  • For reptile keepers only

5. Solarmeter Model 6.5 UV index Meter – BEST EASY TO USE

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Solarmeter has a compact size and easy operation, so it is perfect for beginners. This meter can provide you the instant measurements, it is used for index comparison, tracking, and reptile lamp monitoring. 

It can provide the highly accurate measurement of ultraviolet radiation, from 280mm to 400mm Erythemally weighted, it ranges from 0 to 199,9 UV index. 

When you measure the ultraviolet radiation emitted from the source, you just need to aim the sensor at the source and then press and hold the button switch on the meter face to get the results. 

With Solarmeter, you can have enough power for multi readings thanks to the 9V battery included. It also is equipped with NIST traceable calibration cert. 

In our list of best UV meter, it is a simple and one-hand operation with 2 colors available including red and yellow. 


  • Best reptile UVB meter
  • Easy to control with one hand
  • Compact size 
  • Long-lasting batteries 
  • High accurate readings for a wide range of purposes


  • Being expensive
  • Mainly for reptiles 

6. General tools UV513AB Digital UVA/UVB Meter

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General UV513AB is designed for measuring the ultraviolet light at the range of 280 to 400 nanometers.

With this range, it provides you an assurance of precise and accurate measurements for different purposes such as radiometry, UV curing in offset print, lamp Ultraviolet rays intensity, sterilizations, etc. 

General tools come with the backlit LCD which has 4 digit dual displays, so you can have readings accurately down to the min. 

When the battery is getting low, the battery indicator will let you manage the remaining power. Besides, it has the certificate of the Traceable Calibration and instruction manual. 


  • Easy readings with the backlit LCD
  • Precise readings thanks to the wide range 
  • Come with the cert of traceable calibration
  • Having a portable design
  • Easy to understand manual 


  • Cannot switch between UVA and UVB measurements 
  • High price

7. Extech UV505 Pocket UV-Ab light meter

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Extech comes with sensor wavelength ranging from 290 to 390Nm. Extech can be used to measured UV-AB light from natural to the artificial light source. It is a perfect option for outdoor and indoor activities such as medical testing, research, education, and industrial. 

Its sensor with the cosine correction can measure UV-AB light sources up to 40.00 mW/cm².

Extech is one of the best UV meter, comes with the backlit display and cosine corrected sensor. Besides, it also has 0 functions, the auto power-off for saving energy.

Moreover, Extech provides a tripod mount and 2 AAA batteries and a pouch to protect and store your meter. 

You will find it very convenient because it can be stuck in a pocket, small bag pouch, hang on from the tool bag shoulder strap, belt, etc. 


  • Portable size 
  • Easy to use the meter
  • Having backlit LCD for easier readings
  • Batteries and pouch provided
  • Auto power off for saving power 


  • A little high expensive 

How To Find The Best UV Meter?

uv light meters

There are some factors which are the most important features of the meter. Hence, we should consider them first before making a purchase. It happens the same in meters, we will list it up here for anyone who needs it.

  • Range Of Measurement (Minimum Reading To Maximum Reading)

Avoid the noisy reading: as you know if the systems do not have enough sensitivity at the low intensity, then the readings could be very noisy even when applying 0.

The readings might have greater variations or in the bad case, it will not provide any reading or bog errors in the readings. 

Avoid the saturation: if the device is too much sensitive, it also can saturate the miss the peak readings, then it will cause errors in peak and the total integration. 

  • NIST Traceable Calibration & ISO17025 Accredited 

Before buying UV intensity meters, you should check ISO17025 accredited to make sure the quality calibration.

As you know to have an ISO1725 certificate, the device is manually audited of a compulsory calibration facility. 

  • Storage Of Data

If you want to save time and your money, you should choose the device allowing you for storing date on and can recall the previous readings for accurate troubleshooting even with no PC. 

  • Display

uv-c meters

The graphical display is an important feature for troubleshooting, it helps to allow the fast evaluation of light to light repeatability, light performance, reflector, and the uniformity of output for appropriate repair. 

  • Heating Stability 

As you know, if the heat is provided too much, then it can make short/long term variations. The sensor might drift with large variations in temp for the short term.

Overheating the inside components through the time can shorten the sensitive optics, filters, and electronic’s life span.

A measurement coming with heat dissipation and reflective surface can helps for reducing this problem. 

Thus, you should choose the last long meter with accurate readings even in the high heat expose.  

Commonly Asked Question About Best UV Meter

uv intensity meters

1. How Does The Meter Operate?

It works by the sensor which will measure the light intensity from 250 to 400 nanometers if the source is lamps, lights, sun, and other ultraviolet radiation sources.

A meter might store around 99 recorded measurements manually. 

2. How Is The Ultraviolet Radiation Measured?

The ultraviolet radiation intensity is measured in the milliwatts / cm2 which is energy per m2 received in a second. It also is measured in the unit of mJ/cm2 which is the energy received / unit area in the given time. 

3. Are There Any UV Rays At Night Time?

No, ultraviolet light is a part of white light from the sun, hence, it does not appear at night. However, the rays are not blocked at night, it presents a little amount. 

4. Does The Glass Block UVC?

Yes, UVC light will not go through the glass.

5. What Can Be Used To Measure The UV Index?

To measure the index, spectrophotometers will do best. It measures the intensity of radiation over the spectral ranging at a large number of discrete wavelengths. 


Our list of 7 best UV meter is all our effort to make you get easier to choose a great device. If you are a pet owner, the meter is the best solution to make sure your pet getting enough UVB and UVA needed for their health. 

Besides, it is also a great way for measuring the amounts of ultraviolet radiation emitted from the source in different applications or studies you are making.

If you need an exact point, let me recommend for you, Solarmeter model 6.5R reptile UV index meter is the best of the best selection for reptile owners with portable size and easy to use. While URCERI Light Meter Digital Illuminance meter offers you a good price for a highly accurate result. 

Hopefully, you can make your best UV meter at the right time.

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