Best Incubator for Bearded Dragon Eggs in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

bearded dragon incubator

You will never experience how perfect it is if you are not owning the best incubator for bearded dragon eggs. As we know, the beardie is one of the unique pets living well on branches, bushes, and wildness and now stay with human habitation. Hence, it is not simple to take care of them, importantly, their lovely but fragile eggs.

With a good incubator, you don’t need to worry anymore. Selecting this product should be completed with the most carefulness since it will influences directly the eggs. It will impact directly the temperature during the incubation period.

A right incubator should be reliable and sensitive enough to deal with any problem caused to preserve many tiny lives inside the eggs.

On our page, we will show you what are the important standards of good incubator. Then please pay attention to my reviews to consider what will be your best choice.

The 5 Top-Rated Best Bearded Dragon Incubator Review (Recommendations)

#1 TOP PICKBrinsea Products Mini II Advantage automatic 7 egg incubator
#2 RUNNER UPBrinsea products manual egg incubator
#3 BEST AUTO TURNINGR-Com MX-20 Plastic/metal model Max 20 Automatic digital Auto-turning egg incubator
#4 BEST STILL AIR INCUBATORLittle Giant 9300 still Air Egg Incubator kit
#5 BEST QUALITYQuincy Lab 12-140 Acrylic See-Through Door Incubator


Best Incubators for Bearded Dragons Eggs Information

how to make a homemade incubator for bearded dragon eggs

There are some standards that you must consider when you are looking for the right incubator for your bearded dragons. Let take a quick look at these bellows:

1. Temperature and humidity

Each breed will have its own incubating demand, for beardie, they need the constant temp from 26 to 29 degrees C and 75% humidity.

Just a small change in these numbers could cause big damage to the eggs. Thus, make sure your incubator can work well on your needs before buying.

Your incubator also needs to mimic the wild environment well.

2. Thermostat correction

bearded dragon eggs in incubator

A perfect thermostat will be the trustable thing to ensure a consistent temperature. It should work constantly without failure overnight.

3. Size of an incubator

Size is also an important one because a small one will come with several limitations while the big one might have a certain risk. You should have one small to medium size for safety.

Best Bearded Dragon Incubator Eggs Shortlist

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Brinsea Products Mini II Advantage automatic 7 egg incubator4.5Check
Brinsea products manual egg incubator4.0Check
R-Com MX-20 Plastic/metal model Max 20 Automatic digital Auto-turning egg incubator4.4Check
Little Giant 9300 still Air Egg Incubator kit4.0Check
Quincy Lab 12-140 Acrylic See-Through Door Incubator4.8Check
IVYX Scientific 5L Incubator3.6Check
Farm Innovators model 2100 still air incubator3.5Check
GQF Thermal Air Hova-Bator4.0Check
Farm Innovators Model 4250 Digital Circulated Air Incubator3.7Check

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

The Best Incubators for Bearded Dragons Eggs on The Market

how to care for bearded dragon eggs without an incubator

#1. Brinsea Products Mini II Advantage automatic 7 egg – TOP PICK

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One more product from Brinsea, this is a Mini version but advanced quality. Especially, with the total visible design, you can see fully the eggs during hatching time.

It is controlled by the full digital menu and programmable auto egg turning. There are 3 models for a wide range of choices with more convenience.

As you know humidity is very essential for successful hatching, that’s why the advance version comes with the convenient external water top-up, then it is not needed to lift the lid during the lockdown.

The egg will be turned by rotating the eggs disks slowly and safely. There are 2 disks provided for chicken eggs (7 eggs) and small eggs (12 eggs).


  • Consistent and reliable hatching
  • Convenient external top-up
  • Offer from big to small eggs
  • Fantastic visibility
  • 3 years warranty
  • Small and quiet


  • The capacity is quite small

#2. Brinsea products manual egg – RUNNER UP

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This Brinsea – best incubator for bearded dragon eggs, is designed for eggs in different sizes from big chickens to small reptiles. It comes with a simple tamper-proof adjustment.

It features the easy proved electronic temp control along with the tough insulated cabinet for providing the reliable hatching results of different range of pets with tiny fuss.

The temp is controlled steadily and the temp is controlled with the purpose liquid in the thermometer.

Its cabinet is molded from the ABS which is easy to clean. The base is skinned and foam-filled to decrease the heat loss for saving electricity.

It also has a clear top which allows you to keep an eye on. Coming with a fan, the air is well circulated. The fresh air is monitored by the vent slider.

The removable egg tray helps to accommodate suitable trays for different sizes of eggs. Turning is carried out automatically.


  • Easy using and simple design at high quality
  • Easy to clean and remove the tray
  • For different types of eggs
  • Coming with the fan for air circulation
  • Well-controlled humidity and temperature


  • A little expensive price

#3. R-Com MX-20 Plastic/metal model Max 20 Automatic digital Auto-turning egg – BEST AUTO TURNING

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R-Com Mx has the super capacity for 20 chicken egg size and up to 50 small eggs. Than to Universal egg tray, it is adjustable for most of the egg sizes.

It made of the common but high-quality materials of plastic and steel for durability. This best incubator for bearded dragon eggs is powered by 110 V for the Amerian plug, which is one of the minor limitations.

It also features the fully digital automatic egg turning and the temperature and humidity control. I like its light which shows up when the water gets low level.

Some users gave good feedback on its high hatch rates of more than 80%.


  • Easy to use, set up and clean
  • Perfect for hatching different egg sizes
  • Perfect temperature and humidity


  • Little expensive

#4. Little Giant 9300 still Air Egg kit – BEST STILL AIR INCUBATOR

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This incubator kit is designed especially for reptiles as beardie. It comes with a built-in digital and LCD thermostat reading for both humidity and temp.

Its moisture ring can make breeders easily add the water for maintaining the optimum humidity.

It comes with the thermal airflow and drives the fresh air into through the bottom vent then out through the exhaust vents at the incubator top.

Especially, it allows the breeder 2 windows 4×8 inches for viewing while they are still safe due to the high sidewalls when removing the lid. Its digital control board makes it easy to set the temperature. 

For the safe hatching, it features the durable plastic mesh screen which is washable, hence, you don’t need to worry when putting beardie eggs in the incubator.


  • Easily accommodate all types of breeds
  • Keep the proper humidity
  • The digital thermostat for easy readings
  • Being a huge incubator for more eggs


  • No fan included, it is not a good circulation

#5. Quincy Lab 12-140 Acrylic See-Through Door – BEST QUALITY

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This Quincy Lab is a premium quality device with the range of temp is from 2-62 degrees C and the internal capacity 2.0 cubic ft.

Moreover, this best incubator for bearded dragon eggs has a fixed and controllable chrome-plated wire for customizing. The temp will be controlled by the bimetal controller and the analog temp knob.

The illuminated switch indicates if the incubator is powered on, the heat cycle light will indicate if cycle on the heater.

Especially, it ensures the temp consistency and safety thank the clear tinted acrylic door. It comes with the aluminum interior and the cold-rolled steel exterior which is coated in the ivory paint.

Quincy is a perfect option for warming cultures, hatch eggs, etc.


  • High quality with the nicest material
  • Even can dry wood
  • Being durable over a long time of use
  • Lightweight for easy moving around


  • It is an expensive model
  • No cooling function

#6. IVYX Scientific 5L Incubator

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IVYX is very versatile and creates a higher value since this 2 in 1 device can set as both warm incubators for eggs and refrigerator to keep the food and medicines.

The temp is ranging from 0° – 65° C. It offers to reach the accurate temperature in the increments of 1 degree.

If it keeps on the same shelf, the temp fluctuations just 0.5° C. That’s why it becomes on the list of best incubator for bearded dragon eggs

Besides, it comes with a small footprint of 8x11x12 inches in dimensions. It can hold up to 5L and weighs only about 9 lbs.

The manufacturer also provides the 110V standard power cord and 12 V car adapter for running on the go. It heats 65°C using only 46W at 110 V and cools down 23°C using only 54W.


  • Small and compact size for moving convenience
  • It stays close to the same temp within each shelf
  • Nice control
  • Being a multiple task device


  • It is more expensive than others
  • In case of missing some parts, contact the company to get back easily

#7. Farm Innovators model 2100 still air incubator

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This air incubator has a large design that can accommodate more than 48 eggs with the dual function for both reptile and poultry hatching.

It features a built-in hygrometer for measuring both the relative humidity and the internal temp with 2 windows for nice viewing.

It is great for hobbyists and educational purposes. Some customers said that this device set the perfect temp during the hatching time.

Its design looks simple but always workable. Especially, it made with the insulating polystyrene foam cooler with the resistor which gets hot to maintain the heat well.


  • It is easy to set up and use
  • Requires little effort
  • Its price is very cheap
  • Keep warm well


  • No fan included

#8. GQF Thermal Air Hova-Bator

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If you are looking for an especially best incubator for bearded dragon eggs, GQF Hova-Bator is a perfect choice for you.

It has been widely recognized for more than 30 years of being a world’s greatest small incubator. This model is thermal airflow, 1602N, which is the best efficient and economical incubator for bearded dragons.

It offers the perfect incubator temperature for most of the beardie and other reptile types.

It comes with the 2 small windows for easy keeping an eye on your eggs. It will heat the air flows out through the exhaust vents and drive the fresh air via the bottom vent.

It is used for chicken, quails, guineas, and other reptiles as beardie.


  • Specializing in reptile and other pets
  • Easy to set up and moving
  • Good price
  • Maintain the right temp without the fan
  • Save energy due to the low power consumption


  • Need to buy the turner

#9. Farm Innovators Model 4250 Digital Circulated Air Incubator

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Model 4205 is a high-end version from the Farm Innovators. It has the hard plastic outer shell which is very durable to protect the incubator and easy for cleaning.

Especially, it features the automatic turner every 4 hours for eliminating manual handling and will improve the hatching rate. It is capable to hold 41 eggs.

An integrated fan works well on pulling in and circulating the fresh air for maintaining the temperature. It comes with the simple to read digital display for showing the humidity and temp.

When the temp is below 97 degrees F or more than 103 degrees F, the notification light will be turned on. It is equipped with the candler for monitoring the process of the egg.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Having a fan for
  • circulation
  • A large window for 360 degrees unobstructed view
  • The plastic mesh screen is safe and easy for cleaning


  • A quite high price

Commonly Asked Questions About Incubator for Bearded Dragon Eggs

bearded dragon egg incubator

1. What Is The Best Incubator For Bearded Dragon Eggs?

It must provide the right temp and humidity for beardies breeding.

The automatic incubator will control well the temp and humidity.

The above products might help you answer this question.

2. Can I Use The Chicken Egg Incubator For Bearded Dragon’s Eggs?

It is possible if your chicken incubators feature the temp range beneficial for beard dragon hatching.

However, if you are not sure if it is safe for small eggs like beardie, go for the exact reptile incubator for more high quality and safety.

3. How To Care For Bearded Dragon Eggs Without An Incubator?

hatching bearded dragon eggs without incubator

Without an incubator should be a little risk and challenging for you and your eggs.

You need to keep the temperature around 27-19 degrees C and the humidity at 75%, always watch out and handle them in 40 -90 days.

Being patient and careful is the key point.

4. How To Make An Incubator For Bearded Dragon Eggs?

It is not too hard to make a homemade incubator for your eggs.

Firstly, just prepare a container or better use a cooler.

Then fill it with a little water for keeping the humidity inside the tank, around 2 inches from the ground.

You have to have a water heater which is matched with the tank you are using.

Then set it inside the tank and set up the temperature that you want (27-29 degrees C).

Find another container to set the eggs on, and make sure it will not touch the water. Then put the eggs in.

Finally, just close the container for incubation. It is simple and workable before I have an incubator.

The key to making a homemade incubator is the right temp and humidity which would do better than the homemade on.

5. How Long Does It Take For An Incubation Period?

best incubator for bearded dragon eggs

It depends on the type of eggs, temp, and humidity. For the lizards as a beardie, it takes around 50-80 months to vary according to the species.

While the turtle takes around 8-10 weeks and snakes for 45-65 days.

6. Can I Keep The Eggs From Drying Out Too Fast?

Follow the construction of the incubator and choose the one that suits your beardies.

7. How To Set Up An Incubator For Bearded Dragons?

homemade incubator for bearded dragon eggs

Firstly, choose the sturdy plastic container with the lid and no hole. It should be clear to see all inside.

Then you just arrange the egg, it should be spaced at least 1-2 cm gap between the eggs. Then put it into the incubator and set the temperature.


Bearded dragon incubation will be more meaningful and a lot of fun if you take enough caution and follow the instruction and other’s experienced people. The best incubator for bearded dragon eggs is exactly what you need to fulfill your requirements and gain the experience of bearded dragon incubation time.

If you are looking for a normal incubator at a reasonable price, Brinsea Products Mini II Incubator will be the best option. Quincy Lab through Door Incubator provides a high premium version of Incubator, but its price is extremely expensive compared to other counterparts.

 I hope you will enjoy reading our “Best Incubator for Bearded Dragon Eggs” reviews, sharing, and hopefully, we can hear back from you soon.

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