Why Does My Bearded Dragon Stare At Me?

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Stare At Me

You might not know that bearded dragons are well known for his weird behavior, which is not easy to explain. So why does my bearded dragon stare at me?

This question suddenly comes up to me, and then I try to find out why he does that and share it with my curious buddies.

If you are right here, be one of my naughty friends!

Finally, I found that he stares at you or me because he is also curious as us. Dragons want to see the movement.

It is one of the natural behaviors that help them understand, adapt to the environment and keep themselves safe. 

Besides, he is also relaxed when seeing different people and movements. 

Sometimes, Staring is one way to keep them busy away from getting bored. 

It is easy to know if your cat or dog is hungry, bored, angry. However, it will be hard to feel that from beardies.

Staring is also one of the behaviors that provide you with some understanding of your beardie. 

Staring might cause some discomfort for beardie’s lover but happy for some.

However, you should avoid your beardie from staring because of boredom or restlessness. 

Not let this habit carefully and reduce it if it is not a good way for your pet.

Keep reading, and you also get the information on the signs showing that your beardie is happy.


3 Main Reasons Why Does My Bearded Dragon Always Stare at Me?

Firstly, he stares as his main way to better understand the environment around them, and he can analyze all the objects, people, items, etc.

Then hẻ can reply accordingly easier.

In the wild, the beardie has to face many potential predators. Thus, it is also how he can avoid and prepare for the dangerous things that will happen.

Staring is also how he calculates the new movement to keep them protected at all times.

You should take them by providing more enriching activities for your pet, and you should notice if he is starting too much and lessen it in time.

See this video for more beardie’s behavior and body language!

How To Entertain And Stimulate Your Beardie?

I suggest five ways I use to keep my pet entertained and lessen the time of staring.

1. Play with them

The best way to handle your beardie is to interact with them at least an hour every day to encourage them to trust and understand you.

Playing with the owner is an enjoyable activity for pets.

You can take them up by sliding your hand under your belly, or you can wrap your fingers around the body.

Then race them up and out of the enclosure. If he feels not right, then you should decrease the grab and try again later.

2. Take them to swim

Swimming is a favorite activity of beards in the water.

It helps them get hydrated and fun at the same time. A fancy pool might be wasted.

3. Give them a ball

Beardie will not play with the ball like cats or dogs.

Hence, you have to choose a small rubber ball or a ping-pong for them.

4. Take them out in the car

Outgoing for the car ride on the weekend is very enjoyable.

Like humans, he would love to stay with his owner, go out to find a new thing, and be in the car.

Do not forget to secure them safely. Bring a leash. Besides, the pet carriers are perfect for keeping them safe in your car.

Do not forget to bring snacks, water especially if you want to go out for some hours.

In the cold time, you should keep the temp warm in your vehicle.

5. Take them out for a walk.

Walking is the way to get them some more exercise.

You can use the leash to keep them by your side at all times.

You can choose to walk around your hoses, in the safe rooms to avoid all dangers.

How Can I Know If My Beardie Likes Me?

Why does my bearded dragon stare at me? Does he like me?

There are some signs to know if he likes you, and Staring is one of them. Let see others:

1. Coming to you

If you are close to your dragon, he will more likely want to be around you.

It is a good sign, and everyone will love to approach your pets.

2. Licking

When he licks you, that means he likes your scent.

If he licks the air, it means he smells something positive or familiar.

He will do it when you are leaving or approach.

3. Relaxed muscles

The young dragons tend to scare more quickly, especially when he is picked up.

It will take some time to gain his confidence and be used to being handled.

He is provided with enough enjoyment and needs from both mental, physical, and nutritional conditions.

He will be relaxed when you stay around.

How Can You know If Your Beardie Is Happy or Not?

Love is the last thing you expect when you keep a pet beside you.

Generally, beardies are quite tolerant and bear-human interaction.

So how do you know if your beardie likes you or if your pet is happy?

For some bearded dragons, happiness will be shown when he takes a shower, underwater, while others might love to see TV, get in the car, or eat.

Each beardie will be different. Besides taking care of them generally, you need to understand what makes them happy, uncomfortable, or stressed.

Usually, if he is healthy, he will be happy.

Some signs below will let you know if your beardie is in good health:

  • Moving around strongly
  • Interested in the surrounding
  • Eating well and defecating normally.
  • Sleeping well at a good time
  • Look alert

Cre: Health, Illness

If beardie is not happy, his eyes will be bored, slow, and give it away, especially if he closes his eyes.

A sick one will sluggish his environment.

Or when you get stress, he will show some behavior as below:

You should take care well of his diet to avoid these destructive behaviors.

Make sure you have all vitamins and minerals to provide them at the right amount.

If someday your beardie is not looking or staring at you, just close eyes, you should bring them to a vet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do bearded dragons like music?

It depends on your bearded dragon; however, as I know, most of them do not like loud and harsh music.

He might be relaxed with the softer and calmer types.

You can start by letting them listen to some of your favorites.

Read more: 

2. Do my bearded dragons know his name?

Beardies are smart; he can learn to reply to his name if he associates with something interesting to them, such as food.

You can use the same tone of your void and repetition if you want to train your pet with his name.

3. Bearded Dragons don’t like to be touched?

Most of them will get used to his owner’s contact.

He will come to love and identify his owner; the adult dragon will be more comfortable with tough ones while the young one will be a little shy.

Just start to handle your beardie to create the bone with them.

4. What do bearded dragons hate?

He usually does not like other animals such as dogs, cats, or rabbits.

Moreover, he will get scared and feel discomfort or even threatened.

He tends to hide and does not come out if he sees any pets around.


“Why Does My Bearded Dragon Stare At Me?” is a common behavior for beardies.

Mostly, it does matter. You will not need to be concerned about it.

However, you should provide them more activities for keeping them busy and stimulated.

Only leaving them alone in the closure is not enough. Do not forget to learn what behaviors are positive and negative. It will support you to determine what your beardies need.

Let’s get started to stare at your bearded dragon to understand and create the bond!

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