How Do Bearded Dragons Drink?

How Do Bearded Dragons Drink

Many things can puzzle the bearded dragon owners when raising them such as how to choose food, plants, substrate, and so on for your dragons. And understanding their drinking regime precisely is also very important as it is also quite complicated and almost uneven, and your beardies are more likely to become dehydrated. Therefore, I would like to give you some information about “How do bearded dragons drink?“, and let’s have a look.


How Much Water Should Bearded Dragons Drink A Day?

The amount of water for reptiles to sustain their daily life is between 10ml and 30 ml.

This measurement is made following the ideal weight of the reptile.

Therefore, in the case of beardies have some problems with dehydration, obesity, or irregular size, measuring weights plays an important role in solving these problems.

The amount of water ranging from 10 to 30 ml per kg per day for a mature bearded dragon to maintain life would be equivalent to around 2 teaspoons of water.

However, don’t worry if your beardie seldom drinks a single drop of water as they may get enough for a long day with a bit of mist staying on plants.

Reptile Weight (Grams)Water Per 24 Hour Period (ml)Water In 24 Hour Period (oz)

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How Do Bearded Dragons Drink?

As you know, it is common for the beardie not to consume too much water.

However, if bearded dragons do not drink water, it should be for some reason.

Below are some training approaches for how to make your bearded dragon drink water.

1. Water bowl

A bowl was bought at the grocery store or made by yourself is the one we need, and it should have a moderate size (not too big or not too small) if you don’t want your naughty beardies “take bath” in it.

Fruit juice such as apple juice or pear should be added to the water of the bearded dragon water bowl to lure the dragon into it.

However, make sure that you do not put too much juice in the water and try to avoid making the solution too thick.

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That process of adding fragrance to the juice should be repeated until they drink water to lure them into the water.

You can add more to the water if the smell of the juice is not strong enough.

Note: you should replace water as well as clean the disk frequently as dragons can defecate into the water even if they do not drink.

A bearded dragon farming community called beardie World took part in a survey to see how many beardies were constantly supplied with water and how often they drank.

2. Use a sprayer

A plastic spray bottle may be a good option but you have to make sure that your bottle is completely clean without any sediment. Also, the temperature of the water should be kept at a normal level (not too hot or not too cold).

In case your bottle has detergent, which would lead to dangerous issues for your bearded dragon, you should be careful.

As I mentioned before, the beardie loves drinking water at a time of rain during the year so you can create a rain effect by spraying mist on the bowl, which allows the beardie to lick the droplets of steam on his mouth or the droplets to automatically flow into his mouth.

Keep doing this several times to make your beardie get used to drinking water at the bowl. Then you won’t need to spray and see your pet obediently drink.

You also need to clean the bowl regularly in case they can defecate it at any time.

There was a survey made among 21 beardies, and the result comes out that 12 of 21 beardies had a habit of misting from daily to once a week, and mistakenly if the weather was hot of 3, without bear misting habits of 9.

How To Make Your Bearded Dragons Drink – Misting The Water Bowl


Provide your dragon with a water bowl.

You can easily find it available in local pet stores and reptile shops or you can have one made by yourself from recycled plastic containers.

The water bowl should be filled with water up to the dragon’s elbow height and you should make sure that the sides are low enough for the dragon to get in and out of it in case they want to take a bath.


Fill a spray bottle with water.

Filling this kind of plastic spray bottle with water at room temperature, not hot or cold to the touch.

You should also clean the water bottle carefully to make sure that it doesn’t have residue from anything else, such as cleaning solutions that can be harmful to the dragon.

STEP 3- Spray the mist on the dragon’s bowl.

You can create a sort of rain effect by spraying a mist directly over the bowl, which makes the dragon think that it is raining into a pool.

Also, more humidity which is important for the dragon for proper shedding, especially in the winter would be added.

You are also recommended to use the mist function on the spray bottle instead of the narrow stream.


Keep doing this until the dragon will drink on its own.

You should practice this daily until the dragon can drink on its own, and you don’t need to spray water on it.

Make sure that you clean the bowls regularly in case beardies may defecate in their water bowls.

3. Use a water dish (A popular way for bearded dragons to drink)

Choosing your water dish that has the right size is very important as this allows your beardie to take a bath.

Make sure your dish is completely clean and full of water.

Below are some dishes that you can consider purchasing:

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You should make your beardie feel comfortable when being bathed. So, you just gently place your dragon on the platter of water and rub it on his stomach to calm him.

The water temperature plays an important role. Therefore, you had better keep it moderate (not too hot and not too cold).

When he is taking a bath, you can get water from the dish on his nose and head. And, maybe bearded dragons would drink some.

You should keep noticing him as your beardie can overheat if he stays in the water for too long.

You can adjust the amount of water in the dish to make sure that he cannot dip his head into the water.

By repeating this, your dragon will learn not to submerge too much and inhale too much.

And if he faces some serious respiratory problems, you can keep the amount of water low during the night.

Stop showering your beardie for a few days to notice whether he is in trouble or not.

4. Use Other Food Sources

Eating lots of insects will allow beardie to grow fast and stay healthy.

Therefore, you should always keep fresh vegetables in a cage. Moreover, you can provide them with lots of insects in short periods of 10-15 minutes.

After they finish eating, it’s time for you to remove the leftovers from their cages.

Green vegetables and insects beardie eat will give them a certain amount of water. This can improve their dehydration without feeding them water.

You should consider the number of vegetables for your dragon as eating a lot of these vegetables (also known as spinach) can be harmful.

You should give your dragon less lettuce as it has less nutritional value for the dragon.

Don’t forget to feed your beardie daily with vegetables, tubers, and fruits as fresh as possible.



After having a look at how bearded dragon drinks, you will have a more profound understanding of their drinking regime,  as well as some recommendations for better their drinking habit.

I hope some information about how bearded dragons drink will be helpful for readers and those who are raising them.

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