Can Two Bearded Dragons Live Together, Impossible or Not?

bearded dragons live together

Several things need to know about bearded dragons, especially their living behavior like “Can Two Bearded Dragons Live Together?”.

If you want to care for a pet like a bearded dragon, you have to explore their lifestyle because this kind requires lots of lifestyle considerations.

Without any knowledge of bearded dragon, and having a strong desire for raising and keeping them as a group might create dangers for their lives.


Bearded Dragons’ Lifespan

In nature, beardie is threatened by other predators, BDs have to survive through lots of external factors such as climate, surroundings, and other species.

Their lifespan depends much on the environment outside specifically draconic nature.

As a result, their lifespan average lasts about 15 years.

However, if BDs are enclosed by experienced keepers, their lifespan average could last up to 20 years.

Breaded Dragons’ Food

These kinds of creatures are omnivores, but their food can only be crickets and vegetables.

BD eats crickets every day for maximizing growth and also leaves and vegetables (main water supply) besides.

The more BD grow, the bigger crickets, and more vegetables BD assume.

BD also eats fruits, however, not all of the fruits can be digested easily (for example oranges, tangerines, etc…).

There are some safe fruits that keepers can let bearded dragon assume: apples, cherries, blueberries, grapes, peaches, pineapples, watermelon, strawberries, etc…


Where Is Bearded Dragon?

BDs appear mostly in Australia, BDs typically prefer the warm and arid areas such as deserts, subtropical woodlands, savannas, and scrublands.

Can Bearded Dragons Live Together?

Some species need friends, some live alone based on their living behavior.

For BD, living together and living alone could happen in both ways that depend on numerous factors.

Wild BD is a territorial creature, which means BDs can live alone.

Being alone is one of their natural habitats, BDs have high sovereignty and likely to occupy one territory for themselves, if another beardie is pervading their enclosures, BDs would use body language to talk, in some cases, this would lead to a fight.

While living alone is a natural habitat, the solo lifestyle is still a question for them: whether or not bearded dragons can live together?

A small group of BD with two somehow can work out, as long as the enclosures are spacious for them so that BDs could occupy their territories, along with living food for their necessities, including hiding spots and branches.

If this living together doesn’t work out, separate them immediately.

We will discuss beardie’s gender in living together.

As the writing mentioned above that BD are territorial creatures, BDs have strong sovereignty, particularly the males.

So the answer for can two male beardie lives together is no.

If male beardie lives together, BDs could be aggressive, harm each other in physic for territory, and worse, BDs could fight until the other one is dead or injured without any resistance.

A male and female might work, so might a pair of two females.

If you keep two bearded dragons together, you must remember the importance of spacious enclosure and the possibility of reproduction, to let them feel ‘alone’ and comfortable to able to rest, eat live food as their natural habitat.

There is still another case I haven’t mentioned is a group of three specimens which includes two females and one male, to work this case, you have to put three of them in a very large enclosure and make sure each of them has their territories enough not to pervade another’s.

Otherwise, this case won’t work and hard work.

BD that is kept together should be in the same size as this will avoid the situation of larger ones dominating the smaller ones.

This means you cannot keep a baby beardie to live with an adult.

Can Bearded Dragons Live With Other Species?

Since living with its kind is so hard that living with other reptiles is also hard to get along well in the same tank/enclosure.

Let’s take some examples of other species: leopard geckos, other lizards, chameleons, tortoises, hermit crabs.

First, about leopard geckos, the answer for sure is a no-no.

Unlike the same BD, they fight for territory, but to leopard geckos, they would end up as food for beardie, sooner or later, without a doubt.

It doesn’t matter how big the enclosure is like I mentioned above about keeping two bearded dragons together, even if you keep those two reptiles in a spacious room with enough food and crickets, leopard geckos would still be hunted for food by beardie.

And how could this happen? Beardie and leopard geckos have different requirements and also different natural habitats.

Beardies are from Australia and leopard geckos are from Pakistan.

The difference starts right from the appearance and living condition so it is impossible to find ways to keep them right and keep them living together as well.

Thus, BD is too big for leopard geckos.

These omnivores eat anything, I literally mean anything, they manage to catch, if they catch a single mouse in their enclosure, they eat it, to leopard geckos.

So it is impossible to keep a beardie and leopard geckos together.

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How about chameleons?

These two reptiles are both naturally solitary so they prefer their own space.

It seems like keeping two bearded dragons together. All you need is a spacious enclosure but it’s not that simple.

Beardie and chameleons can both feel threatened when they feel their territories being pervaded.

Besides, BD would be angry and chameleons would be stressed.

It won’t lead to any fight after all but it changes their habitat, to make them safer.

And since their habitat is changed, their lives disorganized, and this is bad for them.

Otherwise, the humidity and environment of nature for each kind of reptiles are different, it is hard to keep them in the same enclosure even is spacious and large enough for them to take their own space, but living condition and natural habitat is a thing you could never forget and ignore.

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Still, it is also impossible to keep BD and chameleons living together.

Surprisingly, tortoises are an option to live together for a beardie.

With plenty of enclosure and certain circumstances, they can even get along well in the same space.

Even though they are both solitary but they tend not to be aggressive to non-predator animals.

It’s not a problem to have them living together but to be sure, always keep an eye on them whenever they have interaction.

Another reptile I want to discuss is hermit crabs. Same as chameleons and leopard geckos, BD can’t get on well with this reptile due to different living environments.

Hermit crabs live in a moister climate and need water all the time, far from BD that lives in the desert and dry enclosure.

Hermit crabs also have pincers that can harm physical BD during an altercation.

What Pets Can Beardies Live With?

After all the information has given above, we can conclude that beardie should better live alone.

BDs prefer living alone to living together.

There are still some species BDs can live with such as tortoises and another beardie.

But to keep them living together, you must remember several factors and essential requirements of each kind so that BDs would not end up badly.


In conclusion, having beardie as pets are harder than keepers think. Keepers must know its food, its natural habitat, and also its requirements. BDs are omnivores, and solitaries, BDs have high sovereignty. Therefore, the meaning of living together cannot fix them very well and BDs do not intend to live with others.

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