Best Reptile Hygrometer/Thermometer in 2022

best reptile hygrometer

Taking care of a pet is either relaxing or stressful, depending on how you accommodate them in a proper living environment. Among different criteria required to maintain a healthy and happy housed animal, humidity shall rank first and foremost, and therefore it is a must to possess the best reptile hygrometer.

For reptiles, their natural habitat is usually dry. Therefore, if the atmosphere is too humid, they are highly likely to be diagnosed with skin infections and respiratory problems.

Otherwise, the humidity which is too low may cause dehydration or be fatal to your pet.

To imitate your pet’s natural home and maintain its well-being, you shall frequently check on your enclosure’s humidity level.

However, despite how much attention you want to pay, it is still challenging for you to spend a whole day watching the adorable mate.

Humidity is the amount of water vapor available in the atmosphere.

With the best hygrometer for reptiles, you can now adjust and observe the presence of water vapor inside your tank.

Nevertheless, there are currently various types of them on the market.

Let’s get more insights into a good hygrometer for reptiles with our complete buying guides and reviews below.

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Guide For The Best Reptile Hygrometer

For reptile raisers, especially for a beginner, a hygrometer may sound a bit strange.

However, it is a must to ensure a healthy and happy pet inside the tank.

In short, this product is a useful instrument for you to measure the amount of water vapor inside the enclosure.

Moisture measurement depends on several factors, such as temperature, pressure, etc.

This tool owns a screen to display the measurement results.

Currently, on the market, there are various types and brands of pet hygrometer.

Each model comes with its particular features and utilities.

1. Classify

In general, there are three main kinds:

  • Digital model:

An example of the digital model

The most convenient feature of a digital model is its LCD screen, which allows you to read the measurement results accurately.

Besides, thanks to its electric sensors, the device is highly precise, long-lasting.

Now, many brands combine a hygrometer and a thermometer in only one! This combination is just favorable!

On the other hand, we use batteries to operate the device.

And to some extent, it requires battery replacement and maintenance.

But do not worry, they usually have a long lifespan that is over six months.

  • Analog model

Unlike digital ones, analog ones function according to mechanical principles: the expansion and contraction of a spring. Additionally, they are fast in response.

There is no need to use batteries.

Therefore, this type is very safe and environmentally friendly.

However, an analog can be a bit intimidating for owners without an LCD screen when reading the results from the outside of the tank.

  • Chemical model

Like its name, the chemical hygrometer utilizes chemicals to show both temperature and humidity levels.

2. Installation

It is difficult to define the best reptile hygrometer, but it is effortless and easy to locate a hygrometer.

Typically, they have a hock, hanger, suction cup, tapes available at the back, or even stand for you to place it inside or on the tank’s sides.

The position of a hygrometer inside a tank

After completing the purchase, wait to receive your best hygrometer for reptile tanks.

No further complex assembly, no complicated procedure to function. What are you waiting for?

I know the very first step is so frustrating and demanding.

To make everything alright, you can search for help from professionals in raising a pet and do several pieces of research yourself.

With these five best reptile humidity gauges, I hope you can find an authentic and high-quality companion for your little reptile.

Best Hygrometer for Reptile Shortlist (Updated List)

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The Best Reptile Hygrometer


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You are going to be surprised by this best reptile hygrometer because of its outstanding features.

Developed by the brand GXSTWU, this tool for reptiles possesses two functions: a humidity gauge and a thermometer.

Yeah! You know what I mean. It is genuinely a buy-one-get-one!

Does it sound exciting to you? Let’s take a further look at its characteristics.

It helps you be aware of the humidity level during a day.

It also functions as a thermometer, which provides you with a perfect monitor of the temperature inside your vivarium.

Together, they are a perfect match for a happy, healthy, and lovely housed pet.

With an LCD screen, figures presenting humidity and temperature level are more directly and correctly shown.

Moreover, you can flexibly change the temperature unit from degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit by pressing the tiny little hole at the item’s back with a paperclip.

Furthermore, it features a high precision with the temperature fluctuating +/-2℉ (1°C).

Besides, it only takes you a few seconds to install with its hook and Velcro. For more convenience, you can either hang it or attach it anywhere on the glass surface.

After putting in batteries, the tool is ready to use. The batteries installed are long-lasting and can still be original after six months.


  • It has a digital display, which is easy to read
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius’s modes are convertible
  • Can apply to pet tanks, vivarium, or terrariums and easy to use
  • Highly accurate 
  • It has one year of warranty
  • Its mini size does not take up much space
  • It includes durable batteries


  • The price is slightly high 
  • Cannot be used under the water


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If you are longing for a convenient digital hygrometer for reptiles, this one satisfies you.

No matter where you decide to locate it, and regardless of how many times you relocate it, it remains the same functions and attachment level thanks to a perfect suction cup.

Before making your wise decision, let me introduce some of its features.
Firstly, it correctly demonstrates the level of temperature and moisture inside your enclosure.

Not only tanks, but it is also applicable to hatchers, terrariums, glass tanks, propagators, etc.

Secondly, thanks to the digital screen, it is now much better to read the figures.

Thirdly, the accuracy for temperature is +/-2℉, while that of the humidity is +/-5%.

Temperature ranges from 14℉ to 122℉. And moisture ranges from 20% to 99%.

In terms of installment, it is not so complicated.

With two different suction modes, you can amount this best hygrometer for reptile either in the front and backside of your vivarium surface.

According to the robust suction cup, no matter where you attach it to the surface, it remains firmly.

Besides, the purchase comes with two batteries. Only two can serve you for more than 24 months.


  • It comes with 12 months of warranty
  • It has a digital display with two modes of the unit (Fahrenheit and degree Celsius)
  • High suction power
  • Great accuracy 
  • Flexible suction cup: it can be placed both in the front or back of the glass surface
  • Black and white colors for you to choose


  • It is a little bit pricy 
  • It needs battery replacement


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If your budget is tight and you are looking for the best reptile hygrometer for less than 5 dollars. Time to check it out!

When you first look at it, you may be surprised by how compact and tiny it is!

Put in inside your reptile terrarium, and there is no way it can take away the spotlights from your cute home pet.

At a very affordable price, it still gives out the best result.

Every 10 seconds, the device will show the latest outcome on the screen with high precision.

Thanks to the four built-in sensitive vents, the speed performance is nothing but beyond expectation.

Functioning as a hygrometer and a thermometer at the same time, this is genuinely a buy-one-get-one! Are you excited to hear?

Besides, its accuracy is pleasant because the sensors retain accurate readings to ±0.1°F for humidity and ±0.1°F for temperature.

The temperature scale ranges from -58°F to 158°F.

And the humidity scale ranges from 10% RH to 95% RH.

This best humidity gauge for reptile tanks provides an LCD screen, and therefore, it is straightforward for you to read the results.

Once you choose this product, there is nothing more you need to prepare. Just put in inside your tank!

Apart from reptile tanks, it is perfect for a brooder, guitar case, incubator, and anywhere you need to check on the temperature and humidity level.


  • The quick response every 10s
  • Its sensors are highly sensitive
  • It is cheap 
  • Digital display, easy to read
  • It is very tiny and compact
  • It is versatile, easy to use


  • No degree Celsius for temperature unit
  • No adhesive tapes, hangers, or hocks available


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If you are searching for a quite classic reptile hygrometer/thermometer, this one is going to be your perfect match.

First and foremost, this is another best thermometer hygrometer for reptiles for a sustainable environment because no batteries are needed for setting.

Let’s scroll down for more in-depth insights into this most accurate hygrometer for reptiles without any further due.

Next, it is versatile and can be applied to various settings, such as hatchers, brooders, tanks, vivariums, terrariums, propagators, etc.

You can easily supervise the level of both thermometer and hygrometer inside enclosures.

Mainly, temperature ranges from -5℉ to 120℉, and humidity ranges from 0 to 100%.

Besides, the hygrometer/temperature level recorded is precise from the single unit.

Also, temperature and humidity ranges are shown in 3 pretty different colors: white, green, and red, which allows you to read more efficiently while it does not stand out against decor.

Not only does it help owners stay relax during the process of raising a pet reptile, but it also helps them save a deal of money for batteries.

To install the device, the only thing you need is to stick it on surfaces.

Due to the high suction power of the sticky pad on its back, various surface types cannot become a problem.


  • The price is favorable 
  • It features dual functions: measuring humidity and temperature
  • It is versatile
  • High suction power
  • Energy-saving and economical with no batteries required  
  • Easy to install


  • No digital display, slightly tricky to read 
  • Degree Celsius unit is not available


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Let’s continue our series of the best reptile hygrometer with a product from the brand BOEESPAT!

There are several amazing offers that you can get with this mini device.

If you compare it with a chicken egg, you must be surprised! With 2.75 inches (70mm) in length and width, 0.47inch (12mm) in thickness, it is so compact and easy for positioning.

The device operates thanks to a mechanical principle: metal expands on heating and contracts on cooling.

The expansion and contraction of the built-in sensor explain the pointer indication.

No batteries. No more replacement. And no more charge.

Choosing this best humidity gauche for reptiles, therefore, saves a particular amount of expenditure for you!

Under the weather, batteries usually are affected, and their life span, as a result, is shortened.

However, you do not need to worry about weather conditions at all.

Talk about its primary functions; there are two of them: a hygrometer and a thermometer.

On the sizeable transparent acrylic screen, you are going to see two outstanding measurement scale.

The temperature scale ranges from -20°C and 50 °C, while the humidity scale ranges from 1% to 99%. Possessing this powerful device, you can maintain a safe and sound life for the adorable little animals.

Also, the thermometer is demonstrated with both ℃ and ℉ readings.

Besides, it is highly sensitive to weather changes.

As there are 3 sensing holes at its back to faster the airflow and enable the device to perform better.

Not only this tool is suitable for an enclosure, but it also works for your incubators, rooms, workshops, garages, barns, and even for basements, etc.

Sounds wonderful, isn’t it?

After getting the purchase, there is nothing else you need to prepare before the installment.

All the things you need is to open the box and take it out!

You can keep it stand on flat surfaces or tables easily with the assistance of a built-in kickstand and hanger at the back.

When applying it to the reptile tank, of course, it will not take the spotlight from your beloved pet!


  • Large display, easy to see it in the distance
  • No batteries required
  • Easy to use 
  • It is versatile with multi applications
  • Energy-saving and eco-friendly
  • Two temperature units available
  • It is not expensive, as compared to other types 
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor


  • No digital display 
  • No adhesive taps or hooks for users to attach the device on tank sides

Criteria For The Best Reptile Hygrometer

Base on the specific criteria below, you can flexibly compare and pick up the most suitable for your little friends.

1. Compatibility

Your future humidity monitoring device for reptiles shall be compatible with your need.

Different types of them mean for various purposes: reptile tank, incubator, terrarium, house, indoor, outdoor, and so on.

Check out its usage before making a purchase, and remember to go for the right one with your reptile tank.

2. Display

An LCD screen is a perfect choice because it is easy for your reading either when it locates inside or outside the tank.

On the other hand, if you are more into analog types, carefully check whether you can see figures from outside.

3. Function

It is important to save a big deal of money.

Also, you can choose the best reptile thermometer hygrometer so that it can monitor both the temperature and humidity level inside the tank. It is very convenient.

4. High-Quality And Long Lifespan

Various types of moisture monitoring devices can make you stressed and reluctant to choose a.

So, Why don’t you go with the ones with long-lasting history and a good reputation on the market?

In addition, my suggestions for you are brand REPTI ZOO, BOEESPAT, GOABROA, etc.

Above all, these can serve you well and for a long time.

5. Accuracy

It is indispensable and requires you to focus on it seriously.

As you may know, each species stays healthy and comfortable in a particular humidity range.

A humidity gauge with a too-small range of moisture can result in the death of your favorite pet.

African Fat-Tailed Gecko> 50%
African Sulcata Tortoise> 45%
Amazon Tree Boa80-90%
Argentine Black & White Tegu80-90%
Ball Python> 60%
Burmese Python50-70%
Corn Snake40-60%
Crested Gecko70-80%
East African Spiny-tailed Lizard50-60%
Emerald Tree Boa80-90%
Fire-bellied Newt75%

Humidity range preferable to some species

Therefore, when choosing your Mr. Right, do not forget to check out its range and accuracy meticulously.

Commonly Asked Questions About Best Reptile Hygrometer

1. What Is the Best Reptile Thermometer And Humidity Gauge?

You can easily choose the most suitable one with your purpose and the little animals according to the criteria mentioned earlier.

Among a vast range of temperature and humidity gauge on the market, renowned brands shall be primarily considered: REPTI ZOO, BOEESPAT, GOABROA, HAGEN EXO TERRA, etc.

Besides, you shall carefully check out the accuracy and measurement range before making the final decision.

2. How Can I Locate My Best Humidity Gauge For Reptiles?

Talk about hygrometer placement for reptiles; there are many options for you to choose from.

Besides, you can attach it on the tank’s sides, inside the tank, or on the top of the tank.

Additionally, one of the most favorable positions that allow you to check on the measurement easily is in the tank’s central area.

3. What Is The Best Reptile Digital Hygrometer?

They offer users a huge range of advantages.

And therefore, using a digital model can benefit you in various ways.

The best one should meet the requirements for high accuracy, quality, affordable price, suitable humidity range, and suitability, as shown above.

4. Between A Digital Hygrometer And An Analog, Which One Is The Best For My Reptile Tank?

In terms of display and accuracy, the digital generally has a better performance.

This type owns an LCD screen so that it is way more comfortable for users to know the exact humidity level.

The LCD screen of the digital model

On the other hand, the analog one sometimes causes difficulty in reading the figures when it is placed inside the reptile tank.

5. Why Buying A Hygrometer Is A Must For My Leopard Gecko?

Leopard gecko is a semi-desert animal, and its natural habitat is often arid and dry.

Also, if your reptile tank is too humid, it can pose various threats to your little tiny baby.

As a consequence, you must equip the tank with a powerful device which helps to monitor and supervise the humidity level inside at all time.


As a say goes like this: “He who sees through life and death will meet most success,” it is a need to see through your purpose and need for your cute mate.

If you are into a humidity gauge with a favorable price, I recommend the GOABROA MINI HYGROMETER THERMOMETER.

In case you want to get an eco-friendly, energy-saving product, then REPTI ZOO REPTILE TERRARIUM THERMOMETER/HYGROMETER will serve you perfectly.

Raising an adorable pet is terrific and sometimes is stressful because there are million little things you shall consider. And the best reptile hygrometer must be one of them. Thank you so much for spending your time here, and I hope you now more comfortable and decisive to make your own choice of a reptile hygrometer!

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