Best Heating Pad For Reptiles in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

best heating pad for reptiles

Warm-blooded pets can maintain their heat inside, but if you are owning cold-blooded animals like reptiles, you must have the best heating pad for reptiles.

The heating system is very important for reptiles, apart from the main heat sources such as lamps, you need to have a secondary source including pads.

You might get some curiosity on how important a heating pad is.

As all know the vivarium aims to make it close to the natural habitat. Heating pads will play the role to mimic by warming up the rocks.

Besides, it also increases the general temp of the tank for making sure your pet’s amount of heat’s requirements.

Then, your animals can keep active and healthy.

There are thousands of mats on the market. However, to purchase the right one, you need some research and recommendation from an experienced expert.

Let see how I can help you now!

The Top-Rated Heating Pad for Reptiles (Recommendations)









How To Set Up the Best Heating Pad for Reptiles?

Not only the quality of the device decides how it performs, but also how to install the mat is one of the most important factors to show the effectiveness of performance we can do.

Installing the mat is not a very complicated process, however, it has never been easy.

Don’t wait for long we come to the first step:

  • Best Location

You are confused about where should be the best place for location, bottom, or sides to mount the device.

Sometimes, it is placed at the enclosure’s bottom, not always. Some reptiles work well the pat mounted on the enclosure’s side.

The best reptile heat mat should be placed in the hot layer of the vivarium, should cover around 1/3 of the space and not more than ½ because you need to allow your pet to move to the cool place.

The mat is mounted on the tanks side or the bottom, in case that you are housing the burrowing ones, you should mount it on the back’s cage.

In the case of mounting on the tank base, you should make sure that the substrate is not very thick.

  • Clean the surface and perform well the test

Before the device arrives at your house. You should prepare the best position for installation. It will attach with the adhesive and moves around several times.

Don’t forget to ensure that you can have enough space for the world. You can choose to mount it somewhere.

You can clean your house by using the alcohol swab or the glass cleaner for cleaning the surface some times to make sure that it is clean.

For dry surface, you can use the absorbent fabric before you place the pad.

  • Mount the best reptile pad

It is quite simple, you just need to peel off the cover of the adhesive side.

Use the temperature and thermostat control

The thermostat is not a very high recommendation for requiring the use of the thermostat.

Because the thermostat helps to regulate the temp by turning it off when it reaches the predetermined temp. 

With a thermostat, you can provide heating amounts to my pet’s needs. 

First, keep an eye on my strong suggestions below.

Best Heating Pad For Reptiles Shortlist (Updated List)

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
FLUKER’S 29050 MAT4.4Check

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

The Best Heating Pad For Reptiles


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Ipower is designed especially for small pets, it is 12 inches in length and 8 inches in width.

With 16 watts and 6 ft power cord, it is perfect for pet’s enclosure, for example, it is a reptile heating pad for aquarium thanks to the waterproof.

This device can be plugged into the wall with a 3M paper adhesive which is simple to apply to the tank’s side.

It also has a powerful grip that provides better contact and heat distribution. 

Moreover, this mat is a fast starting device due to its new technology.

In case your pet needs a higher temperature, you can combine it with another source and a reptile pad thermostat. 

For this model, you can easily plug in the normal socket, with no need for any specialized adapter.

It is also easy to clean. IPower is recommended for all reptiles such as lizards, Gekkonidae, turtles, and snakes.


  • Excellent heat distribution
  • The perfect option for small animals
  • Long power cord
  • Being waterproof
  • For a wide range of reptiles
  • Good warranty from the manufacturer


  • Cannot move after sticking


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Fluker would be awesome for those who are looking for durable construction, nice heating distribution, safe and easy to use it for their animals.

This device is easy to install, you can mount it under or on the side of the closure simply. 

Fluker is recommended to use for reptiles as iguanas or amphibians like frogs.

It is suitable for both large and small tanks.

It is square, measures 11 inches in length and width.

Unlike other counterparts, you need to use the electrical or duct tape for installation, because it does not come with the adhesive. 

Fluker heating pad for the reptile tank produces the heat along, hence, in case you want to set it in the bottom, you should leave the ventilation space of the tank and furniture.

It is not suggested to use the mat on the bottom of the enclosure has the substrate heavy layer. 


  • It is possible to mount under and by the side 
  • Distribute the heat evenly
  • Used for both amphibians and reptiles
  • Perform efficiently 
  • Good price


  • Doesn’t come with the adhesive 


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The Ipower Under tank mat comes with the digital thermostat providing the temp control from 5-42 degrees.

It is equipped with an easy plugin operation, LED light for indicating, and 3 prongs grounded plug. 

Especially, it can support to access the expected temp in a second.

Its insulation and new heat film raise the heat transferring uniformly along with the mat. 

You can take advantage of the 3M adhesive paper which provides the nice rigidity.

You can reach the maximum heat transferring into the tank easily. Moreover, this model is easy to use and clean with the waterproof function. 

Ipower mat can be used for different animals such as small animals, amphibians, reptiles, and even for the plant, germination, or home brewing.

With a 1 year guarantee, it makes the product more reliable.


  • Quick and uniform the heat
  • Powerful adhesive for great rigidity
  • Used for wide ranges of pets
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Good combo of reptile heating pad with thermostat


  • The thermostat sometimes does not accurate
  • Not for the large tank 40 gallons


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Vivosun is one of the professional’s mat, reptile heating pad large version is recommended for than tank from 20 -30 gallon for 6×8 inches and 30-40 gallon tank for 8×12 inches.

It comes with UL approval also.

Besides, it uses the Vivosun digital thermostat for controlling the temperature of the tank.

It can reach up to 40 degrees C. 

This pat uses the solid-state nichrome heat, that uses 16 watts electricity and saves the cost of electric bill significantly. 

It is convenient to use because you can mount both in the bottom and by the side of the tank with the strong 3M adhesive paper.

Remember to use the substrate material if you intend to attach the pat in the bottom of the tank. 

One happy thing is that VIVOSUN provides a 3-year guarantee which is much longer than other counterparts, you can be free to contact customer service if you have any questions. 


  • Waterproof and moisture-proof
  • Low wattage for saving energy 
  • Perfect for snakes
  • Good price for the value
  • Easily wipe off and release the heat through the glass


  • The adhesive is not very good
  • It emits quite a strong smell with heated adhesive for the first time


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Sequoia is also a good option for reptile, small pet, plant, and amphibian lovers.

One special feature of it is the temp control switch with an auto thermostat which supports controlling the temp from 0 to 35 degree C. 

Besides, it features the high level of the nichrome wire which offers durable and slow warmth for pets.

Also, the PVC insulation is provided, hence, it is both safe and effective to use.

Sequoia – Best heating pad for reptiles is designed with waterproof and moistureproof for more durable and easy to clean and use. 

It consumes low energy while still provide enough heat. Sequoia can be used as both main and extra sources.

You don’t need to worry about its quantity thanks to the CE and UL approval in the US. 


  • Possible to select your desired temp manually
  • Can adhere to the bottom and by the sides
  • Waterproof and moisture-proof 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Coming with the upgraded electronic
  • Great for terrarium 


  • Cannot put directly to the water
  • No marking to indicate the magnitude adjustment


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Exo terra mat comes for fitting with a terrarium, so it is possible to mount on the side or under the bottom of your pet’s enclosure.

This mat is capable to work as a main and secondary heating source for both tropical and desert animals. 

This reptile under tank heating pad transfers well the heat thanks to its adhesive which builds up solid contact with the terrarium’s wall. 

With Exo, you don’t need to worry about your pet getting digestion, metabolism, or their activities problem.

Besides, it is designed to be safe for users and their pets.

If your animals require extra heat, using one more device with a thermostat will be a perfect solution for regulating the temp of your pet’s enclosure. 


  • Suggested for glass terraria
  • Mount underneath and by the side 
  • Safe to use
  • Distribute heat evenly


  • It is necessary to have a thermostat for regulating the temp


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Zilla is useful for regulating daily activities, appetite as well as metabolism for your pet.

It comes with an easy to use adhesive mounting which supports to optimize the heat transfer.

This one is for both desert and tropical animals. 

Also, it is one of the greatest reptile tank heating pad.

This device is energy efficient which provides you more with little cost, then you don’t need to pay a large power bill. 

This model is for small size with 6 x 8 inches in dimension and 8 watts which is compatible with the small tank size from 10 to 20 gallons.

For 40 – 60 gallons, you can choose the Zilla Reptiles terrarium mats which is a little more expensive. 


  • Energy saving 
  • Good source of heat for both desert and tropical species
  • Also perfect for amphibians and arachnids
  • For small terrarium


  • The adhesive is not very effective 
  • Sometimes, it misleading

How To Choose The Best Heating Pad for Reptiles

You might get a hard time to find the mat for your pet, don’t hesitate to see some standards for heating evaluation. 

  • Size

Size is very important because it will impact the heating amount which will be released.

You need to measure your tank first, then you can figure out what will be fit in your tank. 

The bigger one is, the more heat will be given off. It will result in more space that needs to be provided. 

In case you have a 10-20 gallon tank, you can purchase one around 6-8 inches. 

If you have a 30-40 gallon vivarium, you can order around 8-12 inches. 

Sometimes, to save energy, you even do not need the main heating source, only a secondary source will be enough, especially at night.

  • Wattage

Apart from the size, the watt is very essential too, it impacts the heating amount of the pad.

You should consider your pet size, tank, and requirement to decide the right wattage pad. 

  • Materials

Normally, the good quality will feature the nichrome unit which operates inside the mat for distributing the heat.

This function is the non-magnetic alloy, wrapped in the coil with the charges pass through it. 

You should choose the product which is insulated and wrapped by the rubber cover.

Rubber is not the electrical conductor, thus, it can help to keep the inside element of the mat safe for owners. 

Some products will have the self-adhering layer made by 3M.

Remember to choose the best reptile heat mat with higher quality adhesives for better temp distribution to avoid adhesive meeting and feeling off the case when it gets too hot. 

  • Some other features

The products offer their adhesives are very cool and you won’t move them.

Besides, the feature of little buffer legs which attach to your mat if you decide to adhere it to the vivarium’s bottom.

It will let airflow which supports keeping the surface cool and avoids cracking glass and also the fire hazards. 

The best reptile heat pad will come with the extra-long cord, allow setting our desired temp are great features.

The mat should offer the selection for placing it both inside and outside the tank. 

  • Good for money

Inexpensive and full features would be the greatest choice for all pet lovers.

Moreover, it should be easy to install and use, since not all pet owners are expert.

Plus, a reliable product will offer a good warranty which plays the role of the commitment that nothing will be wrong with the pad. 

How to choose the size of your reptile heating pad mat?

In order for you and your pet to feel comfortable, the temperature inside the terrarium should be between 26-32’C. It’s not easy to regulate that if you’re using a thermostat as it can only reduce the heating mat’s power, but not increase it.

But if your reptile heating pad mat is big enough, you will have more leeway and that will make it easier for you to control the temperature inside the terrarium. So, how much space should one of those covers have? It’s difficult to say because it really depends on the construction of your terrarium and the type of heating pad you’re using.

So, if you want to make sure that your pet stays warm enough, buy yourself a mat that covers most of the terrarium. If it’s too big for the terrarium you have, you could always use two smaller mats, one on each side of the glass. You could even balance them on your tank heater or terrarium’s frame if you want to save some space.

Where to buy a reptile heating pad mat?

If you live in America, I recommend that you get it from Amazon as they usually have the best prices, but if you’re in Canada, the best place to get it is from this website. You can also check eBay or other pet stores that sell reptile supplies.

Just make sure that the heating pad mat you’re getting is suitable for your type of terrarium and fits its size before ordering it. Also, remember my advice from the beginning of this article: get a big one to have more control over your terrarium’s temperature.

Why do you need a reptile heating pad mat for your aquarium?

It can get really cold in some rooms of your house. Also, the temperature of the heating pad you use sometimes varies from one section to another and it may be quite a challenge for you to keep these “heat zones” on schedule. Then there’s also another option: reptile heat mat thermostat, which is probably not what your pet needs to keep comfortable.

You can solve all these problems with a reptile heating pad mat. It will provide the necessary warmth for your pet, minimize temperature fluctuations, and will make your life much easier!

Commonly Asked Question About Best Heating Pad For Reptiles

1. How Hot Does a Reptile Heating Pad Get?

 It is installed in the tank which uses a low watt density heating element.

Hence, the element will not get too hot as it uses a little electricity.

You can expect the surface temp on the mat to reach up to 90-95 degrees F in the normal room temp. 

2. Can I Use the Human Heating Pad for Reptile?

 Yes, you can use the human mat to warm up the tank bottom of your pet.

However, the human mat might not suit all reptile types, it should be advised by experienced pet owners. 

3. Will The Heat Mat Melt the Plastic?

 Yes, it is possible to melt the plastic, hence, you should use a reptile heating pad on plastic together with the thermostat to avoid that bad case.

4. How to Use a Reptile Heating Pad?

 To use the reptile mat properly, you should read carefully the reptile heating pad instruction attached in the product as each type will have its way and some special features.

You also can review my first part to know some general ways to position and use. 

5. Can Reptile Heat Mats Catch Fire?

The mats are all designed safely with fire, there is no reason for it to access the fire. 

6. Is the Heat Mat Safe for The Beardie?

It is not safe for the beardie to use it as the bearded dragon cannot feel the heat through the stomach, thus, they can get burned easily. 

7. Can I Install The Mat Inside The Tank?

It is suggested to set up outside, it is better to keep all electronics or cords outside the tank where your animals could not access.

While the electronics are insulated, your animals might bite or the insulation can ear away and it can electrocute the pet. 

Besides, setting up inside the tank can provide direct contact with flammable things such as wood or mulch. Then the direct heat might damage it. 

It is safer to have a layer between your animals and the mat for making sure that your pet will not get any burn. 


After reviewing my recommendation for the 7 nicest pads for reptiles, you are still confusing.

Let me narrow it down by suggesting the IPOWER REPTILE MAT which is one of the best heat mats for reptiles and FLUKER’S 29050 MAT with a warranty and warm-up fast.

Both of this product is perfect for all reptiles with adequate heat and easy to use features. 

Now, it is your turn to pick up the Best Heating Pad For Reptiles!

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