Bearded Dragon Shedding Problems | 4 Safe & Efficient Tips

Bearded Dragon Shedding Problems

The shedding process is a natural process that all reptiles go through. They always have to face the bearded dragon shedding problems, no matter how painful it is. Typically, a baby beardie might shed its skin more often than an adult because it grows at a rapid rate.

This process is faster or slower, which depends on several factors such as diet, growth, health, age and etc.

Your beardies have several so uncomfortable symptoms that you just want to do them a favor but don’t attempt to pull their skin off or peel their skin.

Your attempt is just harmful to them. What should you exactly do to help the beardie shed off their skin easily?

Before giving you some advice on how to take care of your beardies, let’s together learn about the beardie shedding signs.


Some Signs Of The Bearded Dragon Shedding

This behavior may change such as changing the color of their skin, loss of appetizing, eating their skin themselves, or getting lethargic when they start the shedding process.

These are some questions that most of BD’s owners ask frequently in the forums.

Is Your Bearded Dragon Lethargic During The Shedding?

Before you realize that your pet which starts the shedding process is about to face the bearded dragon shedding problems, your beardies will show a number of strange symptoms to warn you in advance.

Typically, they seem to be so tired and exhausted that they are always lying in the same place all day and never do anything else.

On the other hand, your beardie feels a little lethargic.

Only focusing on this symptom can deceive you into thinking it was sick or exhausting.

In fact, they need to take an amount of time to take rest and recover their health after shedding.


Are Bearded Dragons Shedding or Not Eating?

One of the significant signs is a loss of appetite, most of the beardies tend to refuse to eat or eat less. It’s pretty common during this process.

When you see this situation, don’t worry here.

Just calm down and observe if your beardie is shedding or not.

This process is happening or imminent, that’s really a good sign.

Everything will be back to normal soon.

Of course, if not, I suggest you should take your beardies to visit a vet.

Are Your Beardie Eating Their Skin?

Imagine that you see your beardie is eating their old layer of skin, how do you feel?

Don’t be so surprised about that!

It is one of the common beardies shedding signs you can see regularly during this natural stage.

As you know, the skin contains many calcium and other nutrients.

During this process, your beardie lacks nutrients due to loss of appetite.

So again, eating their old skins is considered the best way for your beardies to make up for the lack of calcium during this process.

Provided that you often use cleaning aids, Cold Life Non-Abrasive Cleaning Sponges, to remove easily dust, grime on the glass surface, or use cleaning aids for their surrounding habitat and make sure that their skin is completely clean completedly.

It‘s no longer a big issue for eating their old layers of skins again.

How Does The Beardie’s Skin Change?

There is no exception for humans in the shedding skin process.

Every day, humans have also thousands of dead skin that need to be replaced, whereas the reptiles take this process as a whole period of their life.

During this natural process, they change a little bit on their skin.

When your beardies scrats off their old skins, their skins tend to become duller or more darken, eventually turn into white in the pre-shedding process.

Don’t so worry about that!

Sometimes, their skins are so tight that they can’t flake it off easily, which causes the BD shedding to take so much time and they feel quite uncomfortable and painful.

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Why Are The Bearded Dragons Not Shedding At One Time?

In some cases, by all means, your beardie still doesn’t shed at one time, especially on the tail, nails, toes due to various reasons.

It might have been due to their growth. A baby beardie will take this process more easily than an adult because it goes through rapid growth.

Therefore, its skin will shed more often than others.

After that, check the temperature and humidity in the place where the beardies live.

Then check if the UVB light mode or Zoo Med Repti Basking Spot Bulb, 100 watts, E27 threaded base, set of 2 bulbs is right or not, if not, adjust the source of light and level of light again.

Moreover, you should provide them with a sufficient diet because their diet also plays an important role in beardie shedding.

I have ever witnessed many reptiles, not just beardies, get injured due to using wrongly shedding aid or their owner’s attempt at their shedding.

There are 4 safe and efficient beardie shedding tips for you to take care of your beardie in the best condition.

4 Tips for Solving Bearded Dragon Shedding Problems

1. Keep Moist Frequently

If this process is too difficult to pull off, don’t worry.

A good idea is to keep your beardie moist, which helps to soften your BD’s skin and come it’s off easily.

Misting the beardies is not only increase the humidity of their living environment but also promote their ability to hydrate.

Only using a Zilla Calcium Supplement Reptile Food Spray will not only increase the moisture in their habitats but also provide the loss of calcium and nutrients during this process.

It is not a too bad idea for you to spray the clean water on your BD’s skin several times per day during this process.

The more frequently we mist, the more easily their skin’s flaked off.

2. Increase The Frequency of Bathing

Once your beardie is supposed to shed their skin off, you should bath them more often, which helps speed up this process.

What you only need to do is to put your pets in a sink, fill this sink no higher than their shoulder and then soak them in 15-20 minutes (no any soap, please take note).

A useful tip for using water to bathe the beardie is to try the best to use purified water instead of tap water.

As it contains chlorine and several harmful metals for your beardie.

In some cases, only bath or spray your beardie is not enough to soften or shed off their skin, you should look for some other shedding aids for this process.

3. Try to Use Shedding Aids

An additional solution for these problems is using a shedding aid.

It’s easy for you to search for an available tool helping your bearded dragon shed more quickly on e-commerce sites such as Alibaba, Tabao, Amazon, and etc.

You can choose a suitable aid to remove dry sheds from your pets or keep your BD moist and soft.

By the way, if you are going to use a brush to scratch their skin, please gently brush on their skin to avoid injuring or bleeding them.

The right way is better than the right aid.

A shedding aid is quite convenient, but anyway, the best way I can think of is to let’s shed their skin off naturally.

4. Don’t Shed Their Skin off Yourself

No matter how much this process takes time, don’t panic!

Don’t pull the BD’s skin off or peel their skin yourself.

May you think you give a hand for their shedding, but you are directly injuring your pets yourself.

Under any circumstance, you should avoid interrupting this process, let’s do it ourselves naturally.

If you also try all the methods mentioned above, their BD’s skin is still stubborn or persists.

Let take them to the herp vet immediately!


This process is naturally common for all, no exception for humans.

Instead of keeping away from this, face with them by observing their symptoms during this process to make sure that they don’t have something abnormal.

Last but not least, you should consider applying those solutions mentioned to solve your bearded dragon shedding problems more easily and quickly.

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